How to Bet on League of Legends

It is not an understatement to say that the popularity of esports betting is, in a large way, down to the popularity of League of Legends. Not only is it one of the most played games in the world, but the size of the events also make it the biggest when it comes to betting too.

That popularity has spurred other esports titles on – giving us the wide range of esports betting opportunities we have today. Once California betting apps become fully regulated, there will be even more gamers and fans exploring the markets to find their LoL wager. But how exactly do you bet on League of Legends?

Types of Bet

As you are reading this site we will assume that you know all about the game itself. It has millions of players worldwide, so we will take it that you are either a regular gamer or know the main details of LoL. We are looking at how you bet on League of Legends as an esport.

One of the reasons why the top esports titles attract so much betting activity – from experts and novices alike – is that the markets are remarkably similar to those used for the more ‘traditional’ sports. That is definitely the case with LoL and the easiest bet to understand is the classic moneyline market.

This is simply predicting which side will win. For complete beginners, you should know that this is usually on a best of three basis. As we said, even bettors with knowledge of LoL would be able to confidently place this bet, as the odds would give away which is the better side.

There are also totals and spread bets available that follow the traditional sport route. This will either be the spread on how many games or whether a game will go further than two rounds (for example) in a totals bet. These don’t require too much knowledge and expertise of the game – although we would always recommend betting on what you know.

But it is the more in-depth betting options that we enjoy as esports and gaming fanatics. These tend to have better odds attached as they are more specific and you need to know more about the game and players before making your selections.

Map bet

A map bet is good when you know the individuals and teams involved, as you can make your predictions knowing how well they do in certain arenas. Betting on which team will win map 1, 2, or 3 benefits fans and bettors who know whether a team is used to getting off to good starts or not.

Prop bets

Prop bets are always good value too. If you like to bet on how long the national anthem will take to be sung at the Super Bowl each year you will already know the enjoyment derived from placing a prop bet. League of Legends, like most esports, offers plenty of opportunities to place a prop bet or two.

First blood bet

The first blood bet is always a popular one. It is probably the simplicity of the wager that we like – just choose one team or the other to get to the best possible start. But you can also bet on who will get to ten kills first, or who will destroy a tower first. These kinds of bets can keep even the most boring of LoL games interesting, as you place bets throughout the game as part of a live betting feature.

Major League of Legends Events

As with traditional sports, there is also the chance to place a futures bet on who will win an event or championship. The good news for League of Legends betting fans is that there are hundreds of events to choose from.

Regional championships are good if you are particularly knowledgeable about local players, while the Mid-Seasonal Invitational always offers markets for some of the best players on the planet. But if you really want to bet on the elite of the game, you should get ready for the League of Legends World Championship. This is the most high-profile event and all good sportsbooks will offer betting markets. The coverage of this event will show you just how big League of Legends esports betting has got.

Esports Betting Guide to League of Legends

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena that has been developed and released by Riot Games. The game is inspired by Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne mod, Defending the Ancients and is based on a freemium system, funded by microtransactions.

The League of Legends plays the role of an unsightly “summoner” controlling a “champion” with unique skills and battling a group of other players or computer-controlling champions. The goal is typically to demolish the “Nexus” of the opposing team, a mechanism which is at the centre of a defensive framework, although there are also different modes of playing.

How Popular is League of Legends?

League of Legends isn’t a case for joking. Year after year his group of players has developed into one of the world’s most played games.

It comes after New Jersey Casinos offered bets on esports.

Recent statistics show that League of Legends has more than 80 million active players each month. Every day, or more than 27 million games.

League of Legends has become the world’s most popular game since its release in 2009. The League of Legends shows no signs of giving up the highest position with millions of players logging out of 145 countries every month.

Because of the winning formula, the Riot created a highly seductive game: daily updates, new champions and gaming competitions.

The numbers should be accurate because they are directly from the source and the evidence has not been changed. There are many other informal means of measuring the amount of League of Legends games, but these should all be taken with a pinch of salt. It would be difficult to track any game with so many servers worldwide unless you are Riot.

We need to go back to 2011 to provide you with an understanding about how many people are playing the League of Legends. In 2011, the Riot press release stating the number of players at that time, an official press release on their website. The statement included a cool diagram that compared League of Legends with a variety of other video games. The Legends League had at that time:

  • 5 million registered users
  • 5 million monthly players
  • 2 million daily players
  • 3 million peak concurrent players

For many of its major tournaments, League of Legends also relies on crowdfunding. A bonus alone earned the US $5 million in the League of Leagues Worlds Championship 2018=7, showing the world’s massive appeal for and appetite for the game as a strongly funded esport.

Classes and Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends

The 138 characters of League of Legends may unbelievably be daunting for the beginners to absorb, as they vary in their variety from many other video games, competitive or noncompetent. Each champion has individuality and advocates other play styles, which can not be categorised in a specific manner. Yet Riot Games has given the designer of LoL with six specific types of support: Assassins, Mage, Fighters and Marksmen.

Tank: Very hard and generally very low damage to fire. Tanks typically have intrinsic ways of defence and/or crowd control.

Fighter: Well, duelists are often fine. They are just as destructive as they are quite tanky. Frequently used as splitpushers as they die faster than tanks in group battles.

Assassin: Excellent at attacking individual targets very quickly and can often get rid of them. A tendency to be extremely cumbersome.

Mage: In general, they have aoe potential and may blend a small quantity of cc.
Mage artillery: a specific Mage class that deals with long-range destruction. Normally they have very little cc and/or less damage than their counterparts in Mage.

Control Mage: Compared to Mages, the crowd controls are put in instead of damage into their package. They may also, but not generally, contain high damage.

Marksman: (ADC) External vehicle assailants with long-range. It’s great to take buildings or to tear tanks down.

Is esports betting available for League of Legends? If so, how?

As mentioned earlier, League of Legends is one of the famous esports in the world, and you can certainly bet on your favourite team through several characteristics.

In addition to the difficulty of their update schemes, we advise to anyone interested in playing in a high-level esports competition, owing to the fast-moving nature of the gameplay in LoL, and the need to learn the in and out of every aspect of Rift Summoner.

In particular, we suggest that all professional players choose the 135 + champion to play in the game. However, you need to know at least the very basics of the game to start betting on the game. Furthermore, you should learn more about which esports betting site you should choose. Check out our list of esports betting sites, which includes platforms that offer League of Legends betting.

Nonetheless, we strongly advise you to read our beginners ‘ guide to bet on sports to get a clearer understanding of the odds and markets available to you, so you can learn how to make a good bet on your favourite team.

Understanding how to bet on League of Legends – Betting types, odds and markets

Each of the League of Legends betting websites provides markets for significant historic competitions, many of which are easily understood and are more common to the game’s particular nature, for the average bettor.

Here, we explain the kind of sets you might put for League of Legends esports, from the markets accessible and offered by bookmakers, you can see the best markets in our detailed Betway esports review, which details a full list of markets and features from Betway.

Match Winner: You bet on the outcome of the game, what group defeats Nexus and victories successfully. The language for gambling is varied amongst sportsbooks, but is generally known as’ Match Winner.’ The chances represent each team’s projected skill level and are generally based on their recent win/loss history, roster adjustments and other possible player errors.

First baron or dragon: you bet on the first baron or dragon murdering the group. The Baron and Dragon are friendly computer-based antagonists that both parties are willing to compete for a wide range of benefits and bonuses, at the cost of leaving their sides unaccounted for, or against, if defeated by either.

First inhibitor/tower: The person that destroys the first inhibitor or tower bets on it. Every lane in the game has towers and barriers, which both teams will kill for gold and experience, and other bonuses, including making fun super lovers to annoy the enemy team–at the risk of disruption.

Handicap: you gamble whether the handicap team will win a map in a line, or whether they will compete without losing a game.

Outright Winner: This is in certain tournaments is the most common form of bet that can be made on esports-not individual matches but the whole competition in question.

If you’re further interested in betting on esports, check out our guide to esports betting sites from Bet365 to