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When it comes esports betting covers it all, we’re the authority in terms of esports and esports betting. We have reviews of each esportsbooks and any sports book that offers esports bets.

Esports Betting Promotions

As for free bets and promotions, various esportsbooks and sports books offer incentives for you to choose their esports betting site instead of another. These websites still offer a quality service, be assured that these bookmakers aren’t fooling you into some false sense of security.

The idea behind it is for you just to have a bonus from joining their website. But this doesn’t mean you have to stick to this bookmaker, you can diversify your choice dependent on the odds and the benefits of the bookmaker.

Where can I place my esports bet?

There’s an array of both traditional bookmakers and esports bookmakers you can choose from, even traditional bookmakers offer brilliant odds on esports and have dedicated teams to focus on the esports arms like Bet365 esports and Pinnacle.

There are also some dedicated esports-specific bookmakers like Unikrn and ArcaneBet which are all classed as ‘esports betting sites’

Is Esports Betting Legal?

Like most gambling industries, it’s complicated and a complex question. Keep in mind that It depends in which country, state or county you’re in, but for example Las Vegas, Nevada are legalising betting on each esports tournament step-by-step. It’s unlikely that it’s completely illegal to bet on these esports in most countries.

Most esports betting bookmakers are regulated under the Malta Gaming Authority, Isle of Man Gambling Commission and United Kingdom Gambling Commission, which all suggest security and reliability.

The laws around betting are different all over the world – and are practically changing on a daily basis. Playing in the US is different from playing in the UK and across Europe – and betting in countries such as Australia is also highly restricted.

So, we would always recommend, before partaking in any online esports betting and esports casino gaming to check the legality carefully in your region or country before parting with any money.

How To Determine The Quality of an Esports Betting Bookmaker

Determining the quality of an esports betting bookmaker can be applied to different criteria that we test. A main key area we need from an esports bookmaker to perform in is security, reliability and trustworthiness. You should also look at the prices of each bet, promotional value, amount of games they offer and more, be sure to check out each esport review page on our site of each bookmaker.

Trusting the bookmaker is key, make sure that they’re under a regulator and has the correct credentials.

The Importance of a License

One of the most important things when understanding how trustworthy an esports betting bookmaker is is by looking at its license. There are a number of different licenses, granted by regulatory bodies from across the globe. However, most will look for a license from Sweden, which is practically considered the home of serious esport players and betting. 


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