Best League of Legends Betting Sites

As far as esports are concerned, it doesn’t get much bigger than League of Legends. Everybody and their moms have heard all about this multiplayer online battle arena Goliath. Millions of fans from all over the world tune in to watch their favorite esports teams play it.

But when it comes to any sport, where you have viewers, you have gamblers: risk lovers, who seek to test their knowledge and hopefully make some money in the process. If you’re one of these risk-loving fans, you may wonder which sites offer the best LoL betting experience. There are way too many to choose from and new ones pop up by the dozen every day. That’s why we’ve gone through the effort of scouring the internet, so we could help you out and present you with our list of the Best League of Legends Betting Sites!

  • MrPlay Esports
  • Bet365
  • Unibet
  • BetSafe
  • Unikrn
  • BuffBet


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Qualities of the Best League of Legends Betting Sites

Finding the best League bookies wasn’t easy by any means. In the process of creating our list, there were plenty of things we had to consider before picking nothing but the absolute cream of the crop. Here are three of the factors we felt were the most important in our process:

Low-Profit Margins

Running a betting site is a business, and all successful independent businesses seek to make a profit. However, the best League of Legends betting sites tend to have lower profit margins than average, which means providing more value to you, the user, for spending time on their website. Websites that care about the user base provide bigger returns on winning bets and more generous bonuses, with long shelf lives and low wagering requirements. A website with lower profit margins will also put more money into making your user experience. This includes investing in better software that makes the website load faster and getting better customer support to help you out with issues.


As well as websites that show love for their users through their profit margins, we made it a point to choose the most reliable and trustworthy sites. This meant looking for websites that had not only good amounts of clout amongst members of the fandom but also websites with provable licensing. Our team also picked betting platforms that were regularly audited by third parties to ensure their financial practices were legit. The last thing we wanted was to recommend shady sites that would steal money from users and disappear, or get taken down for not following lawful practices.

Diverse Banking Options

We tend to give preference to websites with a better variety of payment methods, so your gambling experience could be more convenient. Being able to pay in a greater number of ways makes it less likely that gamers would have to sign themselves up for new payment processors

just to be able to make their wagers. Many of the sites we’ve selected take Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, Play+, EcoPayz, Wire Transfer, and more. Some of them even accept various cryptocurrencies!

What Bonuses do League of Legends Betting Sites Offer?

It’s almost impossible to sign up to a betting site in the current year and not expect to see at least one bonus. Bonuses and promotions have almost become synonymous with the online betting industry. That’s because websites compete with each other to gain more memberships by offering potential users as many attractive bonuses as they can.

Deposit Matches

The first kind of bonus you’re likely to come across as a newcomer to an Esports betting site, we’d also recommend checking out our list of Valorant gambling sites, is the welcome bonus. Basically, every serious bookie in 2021 has one or two you could choose from and they’re usually 100% or 50% matches of your first deposit.

It is important to note, however, that most welcome deposit matches are not free cash. They’re usually paid in free bet credits or a site-specific cryptocurrency that you can only use to place bets on matches covered by the website you got them from.

Most such bonuses also have an expiration date and wagering requirements that you must fulfill before you can convert winnings into cash. These are necessary precautions to keep players from receiving a sum of cash and running off with their deposit and the bonus funds without having used the website. Generally, the best websites offer very generous deposit matches with flexible terms and conditions that allow players to benefit from them more easily.

Risk-Free Bets

The other kind of welcome bonus you may find is the risk-free bet up to a certain amount of money. Basically, the way these bonuses work is the website will refund your money up to a stated limit if the first bet you make loses. As with the deposit matches, better sites offer more generous rewards. Generally, the higher the amount you can bet risk-free on your first wager, the better the website you’re on. This kind of reward is more suitable for novices though and more experienced players may prefer taking the deposit match bonuses.

Seasonal Promotions

After receiving your welcome bonus, you may feel grateful for that first boost to your betting budget, but that shouldn’t be it. Good websites don’t only reward you after signing up; they often offer a range of many other potential gifts and rewards, usually relating to different seasons or upcoming League of Legends events. On the best websites, you can expect to find different available bonuses year-round that you can use to pad your wallet or collect different valuable game-specific items that you might like.

League of Legends Betting Markets

Everyone would like some variety in the kinds of bets they can make. That’s why websites with a good selection of betting markets are in high demand. Different types of bets not only spice up your wagering options but also give you a chance to use knowledge to your advantage and go home with bigger payouts. Below are some of the popular LoL betting markets you could opt into, excluding match winner bets:

First Blood

This market revolves around which team you think will make the first kill of the game. For Esports teams, the incentive around making the first kill is extra gold and an opposing player being sent back to base, which leads to free lane farming for their killer. Though a bit difficult to guess who will take it, it’s a great bet because it increases investment into the ongoing match and is usually settled within the opening minutes.

Match Duration

As matches usually have a set of objectives to complete, this market is all about betting on how long a given match will last before one team completes the objectives. Your bookie will give you an average time, say 35 minutes, and you have to guess whether the game will last longer or shorter than the given time. It pays here to know the teams well and know what kinds of objectives they’re better at completing than their opposition.

First to Take a Baron or Dragon

Dragons and Barons are big neutral monsters in the game that teams have to kill to gain various kinds of buffs. Being the first to kill a Baron gives a team a major morale boost as they push to the end of the match. This type of bet is for which team you think will be the first to kill the First Baron or Dragon of the game.

First Turret or an Inhibitor Destroyed

Summoner’s Rift matches have three lanes with endless waves of minions to kill. In between each of these lanes is the “jungle”, home to hordes of neutral monsters. Each lane also has three turrets and an inhibitor. The players basically have to make it through one lane to get to the enemy base, destroying turrets and inhibitors. This market revolves around betting on which teams will destroy the first of each.

League of Legends Betting Sites Tips

One of the rules of good gambling is limiting risk for maximum returns. How one does it isn’t an intuitive process—newbies may be tempted to just jump in headfirst with no plan or strategy. While the enthusiasm is admirable, you’re very likely to lose your shirt if you don’t know what you’re doing. So, we always share some expert tips that’ll hopefully help you make off like a bandit with a fat stack of cash.

Have a Strict Budget

It may seem obvious, but naive people with dollar signs in their eyes tend to overlook the value of a defined budget. Don’t make this mistake. Having a budget made up of cash that you can afford to lose will ensure you don’t bet irresponsibly. You will also want to split that cash up into smaller amounts that you can bet on throughout the tournaments or periods.

Capitalize on Bonuses

Bonuses can definitely help out your bankroll if you’re smart with them. Make sure you take as many as you can get your hands on to swell the aforementioned budget and create a plan to fully use them within the imposed time limit. Don’t procrastinate and fail to meet the wagering requirement. This often results in bonus funds becoming void and unusable.

Know The Game

As a gambler, your knowledge about the game should always be higher than that of the average fan. Since your money is on the line, the stakes are higher for you. Make sure you play the game often, so you’re always familiar with how everything works. You also want to watch as many professional League of Legends matches as you can to know the teams you’ll be betting on. Learning their history, league stats, rankings, and team chemistry, as well as any other info you can make use of will come in handy when you’re making wagers.

Bet Analytically

As we said before, your goal is to minimize risk for max returns. Being analytical is one of the best ways to do this. On the other hand, letting emotions influence your decisions more than facts and statistics will lead you to make unwise bets and make you lose more often. You also probably don’t want to be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol when you bet, as these can spike emotions and suppress your rational thinking. Your gut doesn’t know more than your brain and you should never forget that if you like placing successful bets.

Always Scrutinize Your Methods

Make a point of analyzing your betting strategy and always figure out ways to improve for better success. You can help this by recording details about your bets, whether they’re wins or losses. Try to figure out what you did wrong if you lost and what you did right if you won. Then try to avoid making similar mistakes in the future, while repeating your successes and adding more successful methods as you go.

Popular League of Legends Esports Leagues

Much like any other sport, League of Legends has got multiple leagues, consisting of various professional teams from different regions around the world, all competing for some kind of title or prize. Below is a breakdown of some of the most popular LoL Leagues:


The League of Legends Pro League is the leading LoL professional League coming out of China. The LPL consists of 16 teams and includes the 2018 World Champions, Invictus Gaming.


The League of Legends Championship Series is home to 10 teams and is the premier esports league coming out of North America. You can find its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, USA.


Also made up of 10 teams, The League of Legends European Championship is the main league in Europe, holding two international championship titles from 2011 and 2019. The LEC represents the most talented teams on the continent.


As in many Esports, the Koreans have cemented themselves as a dominant force in the professional League of Legends scene since 2012. Their league is made up of 10 teams who compete for the title in the spring and summer LoL tournament seasons.

What League of Legends Sites Offer Live Betting?

Our website collects all the best League of Legends sites. We understand that players want to enjoy the action as it happens. We, therefore, take special care to include sites that offer live betting. While it used to be rare a few years ago, pressure caused by its immense popularity among fans has led to many sites equipping themselves to provide it. And there’s no wonder why it’s such a popular feature. Live betting allows users to benefit from having a lot of context on how the match is going before placing their bet. This could lead to some making favorable adjustments in their betting decisions.

League of Legends Betting Sites Final Thoughts

A lot goes into the creation of a good site, and it just takes a little bit extra for a good website to be considered one of the best. It may be a time-consuming endeavor to search the entire internet for such quality sites but we believe our list will surely save you some trouble and point you in the right direction. We’ve tried our best to select sites that offer top-quality service and features to customers, and we hope you have a great time making bets on the best League of Legends betting sites.


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