Valve is planning to release Dota 2 spin-off game

Valve might be best known for the Steam platform, but they’ve been the developer behind loads of huge games, including Half-Life, Counter Strike, and Dota. It seems a new game is being added to their roster soon, Neon Prime. This is a title that is currently in development at Valve and new information on the project just came up, which might make it a must-play for esports fans.

All of the TI11 favorites are gone, and only 4 teams remain

The International 11 is down to its four remaining teams as this weekend’s countdown to crown the champions is coming to an end. In the Upper Bracket finals, Team Secret and Tundra Esports battle it out for the first finalist spot, where the winner will place at least in the top two. Meanwhile, Team Aster and Team Liquid are playing for their lives in the tournament, where the loser gets a creditable fourth place in TI11.

Faith_bian retires from Dota 2 after 5th place finish at The International 2022

The legendary player was very open about his decision both before and during TI11, saying that he wanted to start a new chapter in his life and that this event would be his last regardless of the outcome. In his original announcement, which was linked to a breakdown of what happened during the TI10 grand final that LGD lost to Team Spirit, Faith_bian noted that it was a decision he had made shortly after that event and that TI11 would be his last effort to raise the Aegis of Champions once again. 

Tundra Esports and Team Secret put up a show in The International 11

While hell broke loose in Group A today and Evil Geniuses became the first team to qualify for The International 2022 main event, Group B had a relatively quiet day. Unlike its sister group, the race for the top spot is still on and everything below could change drastically depending on the final day of matches tomorrow.

Secret and Team Liquid last teams to qualify for The International 11

Who would’ve guessed, it’s another year for the Western European teams, six to be exact. Alongside their respective direct invitees (OG, Tundra Esports, Gaimin Gladiators, and Entity), The International 11 welcomes Team Secret and Team Liquid as Europe’s representatives. Most analysts expected Chinese teams to dominate the LCQ and the main event, but it was Europe that came out strongest in the end.

Team Secret and Virtus.Pro secure The International 11 LCQ Final

The International 11 Last Chance Qualifier is still running its course, though it’s coming to an end very soon, and let’s just say the matches have been full of action. Up in the upper bracket, we are down to the final two teams with one securing a TI11 spot after their match.

Alliance and Nigma Galaxy SEA release Dota 2 rosters

While the TI season is exciting for many teams and spectators, for others, it might be very frustrating. The seasonal roster shuffle in Dota 2 kicks off early for many teams, notably the ones without a shot at qualifying for the International 11 anymore.

T1 starts with underwhelming performance – The International 2022 LCQ

The TI11 Last Chance Qualifier event has officially started, and 12 runner up teams from their own regions will give their all to claim one of the coveted two spots left in the International 2022. Even though there are definite favorites coming into the qualifier competition, fans expect underdogs to show their worth, mostly hoping for T1 Topson and Ana to pull the miracle off.

Best Dota 2 The International moments

The International Championship is the most anticipated tournament in Dota 2, and plausibly Esports. It is held annually, and for many pro players, it’s the pinnacle of their career to play on such a stage.

Dota 2 BTS Pro Series Season 12 SEA Group Stage predictions

The BTS Pro Series Season 12 Southeast Asia is back with its twelfth season and offers decent competition before the International 11 commences. Over the next 10 days, we have a packed schedule of what is essentially pre-Ti scrims and some interesting practice for new rosters ahead of the roster re-shuffle.

Dota 2 TI11- The prize pool is lower than in previous years

Ti11 will likely feature a lower prize pool than any of previous years. Prize funds for this event have grown and grown, regularly setting new records. Dota 2′ premier event is still unbeaten industry-wide in terms of financial earnings. However, this year’s Battle Pass and crowdfunding are moving at a slower pace than expected, and the prize pool seems to reflect it.

Talon Esports qualifies for The International 2022

Southeast Asia had a lot of changes and odd circumstances impact how its qualifiers for The International 2022 looked, but in the end, fans will get to see Talon Esports make its TI debut in the organization’s first season after they made a 3-2 comeback against Polaris Esports. 

Dota 2 TI10 True Sight – All you need to know

September 24, 2022 marks the premiere of Valve’s TI10 True Sight, featuring Team Spirit and PSG.LGD. Hence, fans are excited to relive the journey of Team Spirit’s Road to becoming the International 10 Champions and a look into LGD’s second time to feature in the TI True Sight series.

TI11 China qualifiers – Matches to watch

A couple of days ago we went over some of the most exciting matchups in the TI11 Eastern Europe qualifiers, and today we’ll be doing the same but for the Chinese qualifiers. It has been a rough year for the Chinese candidates in DPC (2021-22) as multiple prominent powerhouses play in the International 11 China regional qualifiers.

TI11 Eastern Europe qualifiers – Matches to watch

The International 11 Eastern Europe regional qualifier has already kicked off and we have very interesting matchups to look at. This is a crucial qualifier for the EEU region as Team Spirit is the only EEU representative, which qualified as a direct invite.

Ana and Topson join T1 Dota 2 team

The Korean esports organization T1 just announced their latest acquisitions for their Dota 2 squad, Anathan “ana” Pham and Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen. This came shortly after T1 bid farewell to their core players, who brought them glory in the last International. Nevertheless, it’s an exciting time for OG fans because this time, they will be rooting for the Southeast Asian team.

Team Spirit conquers the Arlington Dota 2 Major

A couple of days ago, we were talking about how the Chinese representatives PSG.LGD looked unstoppable throughout the Arlington major group stage, but the unstoppable force met an unmovable object in the grand finals. In what looks to be another classic matchup that can stand the test of multiple seasons, Team Spirit once again took down PSG.LGD at peak performance, this time to claim the PGL Dota 2 Arlington Major crown with a 3-1 win coming out of the lower bracket.

PSG.LGD looks unstoppable in Dota 2 Arlington Major

It’s been a few days of pure action at the Arlington Major, and there is one thing we can be sure of. PSG.LGD is an absolute Dota 2 powerhouse, multi-time runner-up in the Internationals Championship, and certainly the most highly rated team in Arlington Major 2022. They also have a lot of top placements in recent tournaments.