User who DDoS’d World of Warcraft servers arrested after investigation

If due to some ongoing distributed cyber attack (DDoS) attacks you haven’t been able to play World of Warcraft, don’t worry anymore. Blizzard disclosed the police ‘ apprehension of the perpetrator.

Just less than two decades earlier, an unidentified assailant took various areas of the WoW offline. Overwatch users also report problems when they attempt to play games, with some individuals kicking out games and caught on the game monitor. On 8 Sept., another flood of assaults impacted the Overwatch League championship channel.

Blizzard raised the matter in its forums and said that he would bring the required measures to resolve the problem and bring all the facilities concerned home internet.

“The Blizzard Security Team has collaborated with local and foreign legislation enforcement organizations to monitor the DDoS origin immediately following the assaults on our Game Service by Distributed Denial-of-Service. “We understand that the police succeeded in identifying and arresting a suspect within a couple of days.”

It lasted Blizzard less than two decades to get its accounts moving back up and appealing to the individual involved in the DDoS assaults. In order to avoid circumstances like this, Blizzard should be prepared to know from this and to improve their network security.