Let’s Make Moves expands to Miami with Smash Bros tournament

Let’s Make Moves, which is one of the biggest events for Smash Ultimate, is making big moves this year, with the main goal being to bring the highest level of Smash competition to Miami. Organized by Even Matchup Gaming, the main event is going to be Smash Bros tournaments, however, there’s much more on offer at Let’s Make Moves Miami.

Smash Glitch: Regen 2022 – What to expect from the event

Smash Ultimate Summit 5 just wrapped up with historic and shocking results, but some of the top-placing players are already looking towards their next major this weekend. Glitch: Regen is kicking off over the weekend. This will be three full days of action, and going to host some of the top players from Summit have another crack at a major win.

One of the biggest upsets happened in Smash Ultimate Summit 5

Smash Ultimate Summit 5 played out this weekend. The tournament’s roster included basically all major winners in the game for this year. However, the results were surprising. The Smash Ultimate Summit 5 results had a lot of upsets, with a historic finish for MKLeo along with a new major winner.

All you need to know about Smash Ultimate Summit 5

The Smash Ultimate Summit is coming up on September 15. This will be one of the biggest Smash tournaments of the year. The full Smash Ultimate Summit 5 line-up has now been revealed. It looks like all of the major Smash players from this year are going to be taking part, in one of the most stacked events we’ve seen all year. Let’s go over the line-up and the best players to watch at the tournament.

What to expect from Smash Con 2022

After watching the best FGC players battle it out at EVO 2022, we still have more action coming up very soon. The Super Smash Con 2022 tournament is about to kick off and we can’t be more excited about it. This is going to be one of the most important tournaments in the Smash World Tour. The event is featuring an Ultimate tournament. That’s alongside events for Melee, and every other game that’s released in the Smash Bros universe, including a Brawl competition.

Smash Bros Regen 2022 – Schedule, Players, and more

The Regen 2022 Smash Bros tournament will kick off this weekend, and we can’t be more excited about it. It’s been a long time since we got to see the latest iteration of The Regen series. The tournament is going to feature not only Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but a myriad of other fighting games too. This event will feature big names in the Smash scene, including Hungrybox. But this event isn’t limited to professional players as hundreds of players will be participating, so without further ado, let’s jump into it!

Mang0 Nation Tour Information – Format, Schedule and Prizes

Cloud9, Joseph “Mang0” Marquez and Blockchain are teaming up to present an online Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament series over the next few months. Even as cryptocurrency has become increasingly controversial among members of the Smash community, the organizers of this circuit plan to dish out a large amount of it to participating players in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

How T1 MkLeo won Genesis 8: Ultimate tournament

The tournament featured a $29,385 prize pool and some of the world’s best Smash Brothers Ultimate players like Gluttony, Sparg0, Marss, Chag, Light, and the tournament champion, MkLeo, also known as the best all-time best SSBU player.