Best Rust Server Hosting 2021

Finding the best rust server hosting isn’t always easy and shouldn’t be, it’s a task to find the right locations, hardware and customer support and it’s why we’ve compiled this list of Rust server hosting providers which all go above and beyond to provide the best server rental experience in the industry. 

How We Determine Our List of Rust Server Hosting Companies

You may have wondered how we’ve listed these game server hosting companies and we’ve listed our criteria down below for you to check: 

Customer Support

Customer support is one of the top factors of any game server hosting service, brands like ServerBlend and SurvivalServers offer fantastic customer service and support for those needing help if they’re unable to find it through their documentation. 

Rust server hosting providers need to offer excellent customer support and service and plenty of ways to get into touch to make it onto our list. 


Too much or too little is often a word associated here, if server slots are too cheap you’ll often find the service not very good, and those too high ripping you off where you can find the perfect amount for the best service. 


Obviously, hardware is a criterion we take very seriously, with providers often outsourcing data centers you’ll find that hardware is fairly similar but can also be terrible. Brands like ServerBlend are investing in new hardware which has lots 

Hardware and locations are too very associated terms and both make or break in terms of providing an excellent service. 


As we’ve said, locations are an important factor, match this with hardware and you’ve got a blazing-fast game server with little to no downtime. 

Game Selection

You may not only play Rust, perhaps you want the best Ark server hosting service or other games such as ARMA or Minecraft. You can simply switch over games and effortlessly customize different games on their panels. Often game hosting providers with 20 or so games make a better chance of getting higher on our list. 

List Of The Best Rust Server Hosting 2021

Below is a list of the best rust server hosting companies currently around: 

  • ServerBlend
  • SurvivalServers
  • Host Havoc
  • GTX Gaming
  • Ping Perfect
  • Indifferent Broccoli 


ServerBlend is the highest-rated game server hosting company currently available. With a rating of 4.9* Stars which is way above any other game hosting service in our list and provides the best hardware, customer support and locations which are all blazing fast SSDs. 

Data centers located across 11 different countries utilize industry-leading hardware and 99.9% uptime and fantastic DDoS protection to ensure perfect gameplay with friends or community players. 

With self-management access to FTP and a web-file manager which allows you to easily manage whichever game server you choose to have, particularly Rust. Often using TCAdmin v2 to access the backend. 

ServerBlend offer Rust server hosting at $12.20. 


SurvivalServers are one of the most well-known providers of game servers and they’ve built an incredibly bespoke game hosting service with custom control panels, moderately fast customer service and good pricing for what’s offered. With excellent hardware, service and prices we’ve listed them at this position and highly recommend you place an order here. 

As one of the most highly rated Valheim server providers, we recommend choosing Survival Servers with Valheim due to their expertise and prices on game servers. 

With advanced SSD drives and more powerful AMD CPUs you’ll have blazing-fast game servers located in North America, Europe and the United Kingdom. You can also easily switch any of these locations in the control panel. 

Host Havoc

Host Havoc is an incredibly well-known brand to many in the game hosting industry, with high-quality servers and industry-leading data centers you can be sure that with Host Havoc your Rust game server will be blazing-fast and up 99.9% of the time with their guarantee. 

Like with ServerBlend, Host Havoc also have 11 locations across the globe with free DDoS Protection to ensure a lifetime of uptime and blazing-fast speed 24/7

As for the control panel, which is easier to use, reliable and a fantastic example of what simple-to-use game server panels should be, using TCAdmin v2 which is incredibly popular to game server renters. 

Host Havoc also offers an instant setup, 24/7 support and also a 3-day money-back guarantee to new customers. 

GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming has come under some controversial reviews recently, however, our tests and review of GTX Gaming say differently with excellent server locations across Europe and Asia which is often a hotspot for game server owners. But particularly are a great example of Rust server hosting and have been offering this service since 2013. 

With impressive features, excellent hardware, as well as a plethora of locations, GTX Gaming, needs to be on our list.

You can easily install Oxide or Umod in the mod manager, which is both reliable and easy to use. GTX Gaming also offers scheduling of automatic updates and server backups through the control panel.

Not only can you host a Rust server, but you can easily switch games using their service and also what hardware you’re using, the server location and so much more. With data centres in 15 global locations, you can be sure that you’re covered with one of their locations. Offsite file storage or clone backups are also available.

When purchasing with GTXGaming, you can use Rust IP, PHPMyAdmin and Also MYSQL databases which you can easily install within the mod manager 

Ping Perfect

If you’re not an expert at using and managing a Rust server, Ping Perfect are a perfect example of easy-to-use control panels and hosting. They’ll give you full access and install uMod or Oxide via its mod installer on the custom control panel. 

PingPerfect also provides customer support but also excellent documentation which covers all aspects of setting up game servers, and obviously Rust game servers. But if you can’t find any documentation simply contact PingPerfect’s customer support which is 24/7, 365 days. 

And data loss is no such thing on PingPerfect with instant backups and FTP access to easily edit files. 

As for data centers, PingPerfect has one of the biggest lists with 24 different locations across all continents which include Europe, the Americas and Asia. However, they do not have locations in Canada, but are rumoured to shortly be added., owned by Cloud and web hosting giant Vultr, which provides some of the extensive locations with the best hardware possible. has some of the best services currently available, however, the only downside is their outdated website and control panel. 

On the positive, the control panel is incredibly helpful with automatic mod installations, map resets, config editing, plugin customization, free subdomains, server console, automatic update and backups as well as a range of other features available. 

As for customer support, is almost instant when it comes to replying to problems and helping with installing mods such as uMod or Oxide, which you can do in the control panel yourself. 

As one of the most experienced companies on our list, you can be assured that 100% uptime. Low latency and DDoS protection will ensure the protection of your server. 

Indifferent Broccoli 

As one of the newest companies on the block, Indifferent Broccoli has definitely made a dent in the market. With quality hardware, a custom-built control panel and website, top-notch customer service, as well as Discord integration, this provider has some potential to be one of the best in the industry. 

When hosting rust game servers, you want a fantastic game host in all areas, Indifferent Broccoli are making it obvious they’re wanting to make a market with lag-free game hosting with no crashing, slow speeds or any annoyance to any players. 

One of the unique features Indifferent Broccoli offers, a free two-day trial in which you can test their services which is an obvious no brainer to those wanting to test this new game host. 

They also offer affiliate programs, a partner Twitch streamer program and plenty more for discounted hosting. 


We’re constantly reviewing, testing and comparing all the best Rust server hosting companies, and we’ve compiled a list together which all discusses features, prices and hardware used by each provider. 

You can also take a look at our lists of other games and reviews of all these providers using our portal. 

But remember, it should be easier to use and a reliable service. 

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