PUBG Mobile update expected to arrive on September 12th

It is reported that PUBG Corp is preparing to publish a fresh PUBG Mobile update. The upcoming update of PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 is anticipated to introduce fresh products centred on Vikendi.

Mr Ghost Gaming on his YouTube channel supposedly leaked the information.

On September 12, the fresh update could hit the servers. PUBG PC already has the new additions in the update, which is almost always the case with PUBG Mobile updates.

Here’s what you can expect from the upcoming update of PUBG Mobile0.14.5:


The update of 0.14.5 is anticipated to implement a Vikendi-exclusive MP5 K weapon. MP5 K is a sub-machine gun that uses UMP-9 or PP-19 Bizon-like 9 mm ammunition.

The fresh MP5 K SMG could substitute Vector on the map with a bigger magazine in an expanded magazine that can hold up to 30 bullets and up to 40 bullets.

Even after having comparable firing mechanics to those of Vector, the MP5 K may have a reduced firing rate and less harm.

New PUBG Vehicles

The update of 0.14.5 could introduce fresh cars such as Zima and a Snowbike. On the Vikendi map, Zima is expected to replace the UAZs. On the snowy plains of Vikendi, it may not have perfect control, but the Zima could be much easier to manoeuvre than other vehicles. While the Zima is comparatively slow, it sports elevated durability, which may be perfect for circumstances of battle.

A new car called Snowbike could replace the motorcycle on the Vikendi map, which looks like a motorcycle with snow sledges instead of wheels. The Snowbike can move quicker than the snowmobile, but it’s pretty brittle and can quickly be demolished.

Canted Sight

It is anticipated that the upcoming update will add Canted Sight, which is a unique sight accessory that can be used with a secondary scope. Canted Sight can be used in any secondary scope supporting weapon.

Canted Sight can be a secondary sight for a near-range weapon.

A PUBG Survival mode

A fresh Survival mode could also be introduced by the PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 update. Players will have to chase and construct fires in the Survival Mode to prevent freezing to death in Vikendi’s snowy landscapes.

The update of PUBG Mobile 0.14.5 could be released on September 12.

The update will bring efficiency improvements and bug fixes together with the fresh products and a fresh game mode.