New ‘Karakin’ PUBG map will replace ‘Vikendi’

The Battlegrounds of PlayerUnknown gets a new map. We finally got brief photos of a desert-themed map of Karakin, PUBG Corp had been advertising it for a while.

The chart probably starts with the Sixth season of the royal play. However, it has been replaced by Vikendi in several studies.

The manager responded when a player asked the PUBG group manager Hawkinz if his favourite map, Vikendi, was actually taken down, saying “This is also my favourite map! Unfortunately, for the majority of players, it’s not. When you post patch notes the next day or two, you’ll get more information on what is (or isn’t) in Season 6.

“Hawkinz later cleared the air about the map withdrawal. In a tweet he announced that when the new season starts, Vikendi will “turn out,” but that will not be a permanent change. Nonetheless, on custom matches jouers can still admire the map’s snowy landscape.

PUBG Corp. tends to have a map rotation feature applied to the game. The delays of match-making that are already complained by many players will only be worse on five-game charts. To stop that, all four maps can be played at a particular time in classical matches.

In the next few days, update patch notes will clear the air around what PUBG Corp. wants to do with maps. PUBG Corp. Until then, the new Motor Glider that just fell off into the game will carry the fans to the skies in Erangel and Miramar.