Best PUBG Betting Sites

The uprise of PUBG has been monumental in the last year, with this, PUBG events have followed and when these events started becoming mainstream and esports betting sites started offering PUBG. Our list of PUBG betting sites shows which esports betting sites and sportsbooks offer PUBG.

Worldwide events are usually hosted in Asia and America for PUBG, with many esports betting sites offering PUBG and PUBG Mobile. PUBG is now reaching 2-3 million active daily players – sometimes even more during peak months.

We’ll be rating and reviewing different sites for PUBG betting in different areas by testing, reviewing and our own experiences with these sites. And as experts in the esports gambling industry, we recommend the best and the safest gambling sites for esports.

For those new to gambling, you need to do your research and often players won’t do any research, so we’ve gone in-depth with our research for you.

PUBG Betting Sites List

Check out our list of all the PUBG betting sites:

  • Betway
  • Bet365
  • 22 Bet
  • 888 Sports
  • William Hill
  • Unikrn
  • 10 Bet

We’ve spent hours complying data of these sites, finding each factor and determining the rank of the site. The final results are found above. These sites have some decent figures when it comes to safety, security and reliability. Also featuring brilliant promotions and bonuses, match odds, betting types and design functionality.

How Do We Choose These PUBG Betting Sites?

Our research focuses on multiple aspects of a betting site from promotions, bonuses, reliability and design. Generally, bonuses and promotions are quite common among sites and they constantly change in competition.

For those new to online betting, the safety, security and reliability are very important nowadays, with GDPR and other informational acts in place, sites need to keep your information safe and to ensure that your deposit and winnings remain safe.

We ensure that sites can be trusted with your money even before we put it on our list. Many sites can be shady, especially those that offer PUBG skin betting.

Some sites will offer a dishonest game and take your deposit and ignore in some cases.

So apart of us choosing the best PUBG betting sites is safety, security and reliability among other factors. These sites we choose often have an assigned licensing body/commission.

Good customer support needs to bet met to qualify for our best PUBG betting sites list, customer support is a great way to determine the best sites.

One tip is if a site doesn’t feel right for you, look at our other lists that might be a bit better. The sites we choose are the best for PUBG, not games like CSGO, League of Legends and Dota.

Best Payment Methods for PUBG Betting Sites

Like CSGO, in PUBG you can buy skins, on various sites, you can buy and sell and even gamble your skins on PUBG, but we highly recommend you do not do this, It’s known to be unsafe and can lead into a scam.

So PUBG, in a way, has its own currency. But these betting sites we recommend offer a wide range of payment methods.

Payment methods/ eWallets are as follows:

  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer (MasterCard & Visa)
  • Skrill
  • Click2Pay
  • EntroPay
  • EcoPayz
  • Paysafecard

So if you’re looking for a site with payment methods, these PUBG betting sites we recommend all have a decent amount of payment methods, with even some like Unikrn offering various cryptocurrencies.

PUBG Betting Markets

A PUBG game has 100 players started within a large area and with a strong pool of teams and competitors this means that there is plenty of betting markets like Outright winner, Most kills, X Kills and Map winner.

The Battle Royale game offers intense gameplay meaning that betting types like Most kills can be very intense and a joyful experience. 

There are also different games to bet one from Jackpot to Roulette. Here are some of the best game types on PUBG:


A Jackpot game type is fairly obvious, players all bet their loot in one pot and the amount of players values the odds of winning. Once betting is finished, one player will win all the loot.

Coin Flip

A coin flip bet is a 50%-50% chance of winning.


Roulette is a very fun game type to play, Roulette is played similarly to PUBG Roulette, players place a bet on a colour, usually red or black but can differ, these games change differ from 2x odds to 30x odds which can have huge payouts.

Esports betting sites gain a commission by adding 32 colours and you can only bet on 30 meaning they have at least 2 odds.

PUBG Events and Tournaments To Bet On

PUBG tournaments see millions of viewers and tens of thousands in prize pools. And our site has been covering these events to bring you the best odds, tips and predictions for the winners. Here’s a list of the most popular tournaments you can bet at for PUBG;

  • PUBG Champions League (April 5 – April 26th)
  • Berlin – Americas Finals (March 28th – March 29th)
  • PUBG JAPAN SERIES Season 5 (February 29th – July 1st)
  • Elite Esports Cup PUBG

Furthermore, you can look at the smaller events, which are still covered by Twitch and other streaming locations.

Picking The Best Team to Bet On

The most important thing to notice when betting on a team is, you need to know the game. Once you know the game you know the stakes and the odds.

PUBG was launched in 2017, so relatively new and the tournaments have only been launched within the last year, so picking the best team is very hard. We’d strongly recommend ‘In-play betting’ or live betting meaning you’ll be able to watch the game while you bet.

Often, you’ll only be able to bet at certain periods of the game, but you’ll be able to see the teams performance beforehand.

In 2019, there was a tremendous amount of tournaments both online and in an arena. French team aNa walked away with a prize pool of $60,000.

So bettors need to develop knowledge with the teams and the game itself, check out our sections on teams and gameplay.

It’s almost impossible to predict a winner, with hundreds of factors affecting a teams gameplay. You’ll need to make a decision upon the factors that are obvious and give you the greatest odds of winning.