D’Xavier is the PUBG Mobile PMPL SEA 2022 Spring Split Champion

Vietnam representative D’Xavier conquered the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South East Asia Championship 2022. The team was in the lead straight from Day 1 and maintained that hype and momentum until the end. D’Xavier scored an extremely high 201 points over the course of 18 matches. After finishing as the runners up in PMPL Vietnam and PMGC East before this event, D’Xavier came in with a revenge, finally winning the trophy at the PMPL SEA Championships 2022 Spring.

PMPL SEA Championship 2022 Spring Day 1: Standings and more

The first day of the PMPL SEA Championship 2022 has ended. A total of 16 teams representing four regions in South East Asia are competing for the glorious title and a total prize pool of 150.000$ USD. The finals are separated in three days, which will see teams battle for over 18 matches spread across the known three classic maps.

The 2022 PMPL Americas Championship is won by the amazing Influence Rage team from Brazil

The Brazilian representative “Influence Rage” has been crowned the champion of the  Player Unknown Battlegrounds 2022 Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Americas Championship. Despite not starting as expected, the Brazilian team thankfully gained some momentum on the second day and maintained it until the final series. They were able to accumulate a total 275 points in a matter of 24 matches. As the runners up in the PMPL Brazil circuit, the team consisted of ex “Loops” players who are returning after a hiatus of one year thanks to a ban. Influence Rage’s LiLBOY took the Most Valuable Player Trophy, thanks to a whooping 55 eliminations with a total of nine thousand HP damage and an average survival time of 20m per game.

PMPL Americas Championship 2022: Participating teams, format, and more

The 2022 PMPL Americas Championship started on May 26th, with the top teams from several regions including North America, Brazil, and Latin America which will fight it out over 24 matches to determine the ultimate tournament champion. The four day tournament will finish on May 29th. The event features a total of sixteen teams, with five representing each region (who qualified through their respective Pro Regional Leagues) and defending champions Alpha 7 Esports which were invited by the tournament organizers.

Fire Flux wins the PUBG Mobile PMPL European Championship 2022

Turkey representatives Fire Flux Esports have been crowned the champions of the 2022 PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) European Championship. Despite starting in a slow manner, the team gained a huge amount of momentum on the second day and maintained it until the final series.

Stalwart Esports wins the 2022 PMPL South Asia Championship

Stalwart Esports the Mongolia representatives have taken first place in the Player Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile Pro League South Asia Championship 2022. A high total of 24 matches were played during the four day event which ran from May 19th to May 22nd, as well as featuring the best 16 teams from South Asia.

What to expect from the PUBG Nations Cup

Player Unknown Battlegrounds is set to start a new incursion within the esports scene. Regularly they have the usual league system with a final tournament for the best teams in the world, however a new format has appeared in the Nations Cup. 

PUBG Mobile surpasses 7.5$ billion in total revenue

Mobile gaming has absolutely blown up in certain regions of the world, specially within Asia and America. The latest title to step up into the high ends of the mobile world is Player Unknown Battlegrounds and its mobile version.