Los Angeles Gladiators Head Coach Dpei issues public apology

Los Angeles Gladiators Head Coach “Dpei” has issued a public apology on the Overwatch league website. The apology is due to the physical contact that he had with the players from the opposing team during halftime. The shoulder bump was apparently big enough to warrant a response. The Overwatch league has been moving from one controversy to another. While Stage 1 saw the lack of female players, a non-issue being blown out of proportion; Stage 2 saw the race card being upheld due to the TriHard 7 emote spam.

“Yesterday during the Outlaws match, I inadvertently bumped into two of the Outlaws players. I hadn’t been watching where I was going. I was distracted thinking about what to say to our team for Kings Row, but I wanted to apologize immediately. I apologized to their players immediately after the game and Tairong shortly after. I am sincerely sorry for my actions and assure you that there was no malicious intent. Even though it was an accident, it was still unprofessional of me to shoulder bump players from another team so again, I am sorry.”