Huks refutes claims of Boston Uprising problems

Recently Slasher made a tweet implying all was not well within the Boston Uprising. The tweet further mentioned that several players in the team might be up for trade to other OWL Teams. This definitely has put a question on the stability within the team and how they will perform in the days to come. The Overwatch League features a trade window till the start of Stage 3 where teams can sign new players or exchange players with other teams.

In a statement on; Chris Loranger, the President of Gaming for Boston Uprising refuted any claims of

problems within the team. He mentions the reason why certain players missed out on matches in previous weeks.

Generally we don’t like to respond to rumors or negativity but considering this can damage the reputation of our team and players we felt the need to address the comments made. Gamsu missed the match vs. Mayhem as well as practice the last week because he was sick. Given he is our only main tank player, and that we never took extended time off, we decided to give him a much deserved break during our most recent matches. He flew to Korea, and is scheduled to fly back on Monday of 3/12. Here at Boston we generally have an open door policy as far as discussing any trades or sales, but we have never came close to selling or trading Gamsu, Striker, or Neko. Although results in Stage 2 are not what we hoped for, we want to iterate we succeed and fail as a team, not as individuals whether that is staff or players.