Vancouver Titans welcomes Fissure in new roster

Chan-hyung came out from the Overwatch League’s retirement to the Vancouver Titans from Baak’s major tank “Fissure.” The team today announced its signature, confirming its frequently rumoured return to professional play.

Fissure becomes the only Overwatch League player to be in four separate teams with this signature. The outspoken main tank started his career as a league at Spitfire in London, and later traded Fissure to the Gladiators in Los Angeles. Later in the season, when the two teams clashed, Fissure was asked by his former team: “London, are you guys sorry?” For the second season of the Overwatch League, after the Gladiators had benched Fissures, he tried to join an all-Korea roster.

The dynasty of Seoul took it up and for the majority of the season shared main tank duties. In the middle of the third stage, Fissure surprisingly retired from the Overwatch play and came home but did not leak the imminent addition of a role lock.

Fissure said on Instaprogram during the offseason that after an offer he could “return” to professional Overwatch play. The Titans of Vancouver finished second in the Grand Finals of the Overwatch League.

Although the Titans have been relatively calm in the off-season, the arrival of Fissure illustrates the resignation of Hwang’s main tank, Jang-hyeon. Sang-beom remains at the Vancouver roster Main tank Park “Bumper.”

During the 2020 Overwatch League season, the Vancouver Titans will host two homes.