SHD’s Undead and Xushu banned for Account Sharing

Effect recently was extremely surprised with Xushu’s duo partner. Xushu’s duo partner used Widowmaker and tracer against Effect and XQC’s stack.

However, when Effect looked up 诗词歌赋染红尘’s profile, the profile consisted of mostly off-tank heroes and had almost zero hours on Widow and Tracer. The NGA users recognized that 诗词歌赋染红尘 was actually Xushu’s alt. Therefore, in order for Xushu to duo with his alt, someone on SHD was account sharing on Xushu’s second account.

Account Sharing is illegal according to Blizzard’s own rules. According to a statement made by SHD;

On December 10, Undead wanted to duo with Xushu in competitive mode to build team synergy. However, the difference between their MMR was too large for them to duo together. Therefore, Undead played on Xushu’s alt account.

SHD’s manager Shaco found out about this after the two played around 3 games in comp and immediately put a stop to it.

SHD will enforce the below internal punishments:

  1. Undead and Xushu are fined 3,000 RMB (about $450) each and receive a formal warning. They will both reflect on their misconduct.
  2. Due to manager Shaco’s negligence, Shaco will receive zero performance bonus for the month.
  3. SHD will self-report to Blizzard and comply with Blizzard’s decision on this matter.

As professional players, Undead and Xushu should have acted as role models and followed all of Blizzard’s account usage terms and policies. SHD apologizes for the players’ misconduct which caused disturbance to the community. SHD also thanks the community for monitoring the players’ conduct.