Rumors suggest Overwatch 2’s map to be 2x bigger than Overwatch’s

In addition to the new maps such as Rio de Janairo and Toronto Overwatch 2 are taking action in uncharted territory. And both maps will be huge, according to Aaron Keller, assistant game director. The remark was made in an interview for the PlayStation Blog with lead writer Michael Chu.

Storytelling is a component of Overwatch 2. The flagship of the game is creating a PvE gameplay environment which will delve deep into the world after the animated short’ Recall.’ According to lead writer Michael Chu, each quest will consist of storey missions, each being told like’ a whole storey with beginning, core and end.’

The purpose is to deliver an “event experience” that has been generated through a series of elements. The maps are an integral part of the action setting.

Aaron Keller said that “Maps are almost 2X bigger than standard summary maps.” “To explain dynamical storms and lighting, fires and more, they also have far more advanced technologies. We would like to suggest that the Starcraft 2 narrative character in our maps is almost another one.”

In Overwatch 2’s commercial in Blizzcon Blizzard also gave us a glimpse of some new maps. The hero’s background is likely to be one of the missions in rio de janeiro, home to Brazil’s DJ Lucio. Paris, Monte Carlo and Gothenburg will also be entered.

The maps also feature Push, the new sequel game mode. Teams have to struggle in order to get control of a robot that can override barriers and only push it at once for a team. In a game mode that looks like tug-of-war, players must defeat the other team to make the omnic move to their side.