Rascal will respond to the AKM controversy during the next Twitch stream

Rascal will be responding to the allegations put forth by AKM during his next stream. For the uninformed, AKM accused Rascal of unprofessional behavior. Rascal was unable to play during one of the Dallas Fuel matches which forced AKM to stand-in for the DPS player. This put a lot of onus on Akm in order to perform on the Genji, a hero that he is not typically known for.

The community has been calling out AKM for picking up Genji and having a really sub-par performance with it. Having Rascal on the team definitely means that the Dallas Fuel should be using Rascal especially when they are fielding a Genji in the match.

With AkM putting the on Rascal for the community blaming him, Rascal has decided to answer certain questions, especially during his next stream.