Overwatch starts its tenth Season of Competitive Play

Overwatch has started its tenth season of Competitive gameplay. The tenth season introduces a new hero and a new map to the game. The meta will definitely undergo a change and we will be seeing players trying to climb up the ladder system too.

Brigitte :

  • Overwatch’s 27th hero, Brigitte Lindholm, is now available in Competitive Play! Brigitte’s armor engineering capabilities make her a stalwart support hero, capable of holding her ground in combat while also providing healing and armor for her teammates.
    • Rocket Flail
      • Brigitte’s melee weapon has an extended range, enabling her to strike multiple enemies with a single swing.
    • Repair Pack
      • Brigitte throws a Repair Pack that can heal an ally. Any healing over that ally’s maximum health provides them with armor instead.
    • Whip Shot
      • Brigitte throws her flail a long distance, dealing damage and knocking an enemy away from her.
    • Barrier Shield
      • Brigitte deploys a frontal energy barrier to absorb a limited amount of damage.
    • Shield Bash
      • Once her Barrier Shield is deployed, Brigitte can dash forward to stun an enemy.
    • Rally
      • Brigitte moves faster and provides all nearby allies with armor that lasts until it’s removed by damage.

Source: PlayOverwatch