Overwatch League’s Host Chris Puckett will not return for 2020

Next season, the Overwatch League lacks its favourite Doomfist player. Host Chris Puckett today announced that it won’t return for the league’s third season, which begins on 8 February. Rather, he becomes an autonomous host and plays a number of other sports.

On January 1, Puckett posted a video of his plans for the future on his Twitter account. He’ll be moving back to New York to support her because of a promotion for his wife. “I will not run the Overwatch League for a 3rd season sadly,” he told fans. For the last two years, Puckett has been a member of the League with Malik Forte.

Puckett insisted in the video that he wouldn’t see him by the last fans. He will play a new role as an independent host, and he will play numerous games. “I now have more time in 2020 to get back to certain roots as a freelancer… some of the games I really love still,” he said. Some of these games included Puckett, Halo, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends. “I think that’s going to be a bigger and stronger year by 2020,” he said.

Puckett, a former Halo player, has established a reputation as a supportive and inspiring host for the overwatch crowd. He also played the role of a cool, logical mediator for a heated debate of the League. He was known for his Doomfist action as part of the Talent Takedown. Puckett often regularly broadcasts and plays in group sports.

By early 2020, the Overwatch League talent team suddenly gained ground. Mykles announced his departure on Dec. 31 Caster Christopher “MonteCristo.” Erik “Doa” Lonnquist, his casting agent, said he had finished his contract, but there was room for him to go home. The other talent’s future remains unknown.

Puckett exits with only positive words, like his other departing talent leaders. “Over the last two years, I want to thank anyone who has been a part of life,” he said. “We’ve all really been our families who played on the Overwatch League.”