Overwatch League’s Chengdu Hunters 2020 Roster ‘Leaked’

For the 2020 season, the Overwatch Beacon released a leaked image of Chengdu Hunters ‘ list. An image has been released earlier today by the OW Beacon, a twitter account that posted about the Chinese overwatch situation.

Seven-yr-anniversary Chengdu Hunters lineup leaked: molly, ELSA, ameng, quit, KYO, Jinmu, Baconjack, Ating, Lateioung, Yveltal, lensa(former LGE.HY player), molly. 
Former Guan “Garry” Li and Ray / Dokkaebi / Garry / Jay appeared in the coaching team.

The picture is allegedly from an event to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Royal Never Give Up (RNG). The RNG has a reputation for its legends team, is a Chinese sportive organisation and a collaborator with Chengdu Hunters. DPS player Yi “JinMu” Hu attended the event and he was seen in several of the event’s official pictures.

Coaching and support personnel The Hunters have yet to announce a new head coach after Coach Xingrui “Rui” Wang resigned because of health problems. The recent coaching and support staff members clearly show the leaked picture. Official announcements will be made within five weeks of the off-season.

“Ray Chang, the assistant coach at present, seems to remain with the coaching staff. Chia-Hua” Wu Dokkaebi Xiuqing is now a lead coach of the LGE.Huya Academy of Chengdu Hunters ‘ squad–he seems to leap to the OWL.
· According to the list, Guan “Garry” Li is an exciting addition to the coaching staff. The Chengdu Hunters were supported by Garry but spent a large part of the time on the bench. Last week, Garry was revealed by Beacon to be a coaching boss and all but confirmed by his recent leak. Garry is a high-ranking Hunters too.

The Hunters announced on Friday the arrival of two players Wei Yansong “jiqiren” and Zhang “YangXiaoLong” Zhihao (read about their release here). Some assumed that the Hunters expected at least one main tank and one support to be picked up. Nevertheless, this report shows that two new supporters and one primary tanker have been selected by the hunters.

The new addition to the team Chengdu Hunters 2020 appears to be Chen’ Lengsa’ Jingyi, He ‘ Molly’ Chengzhi, and Chen “ATing” Shao-Hua. The former Hunters ‘ academic squad LGE.Huya are all three participants.

ATing, a big tank player, has played briefly with LGE.Huya and recently disbanded for another Chinese contenders ‘ team called Nova Monster Shield. The OW Beacon announced last week that Hunters were alleged to have taken ATing.

A new pick-up of the Hunters-initially reported by Arran “halo” brown around a month ago, Chinese support player Tong “Coldest” Xiaodong was speculated to be. Noticeably Coldest wasn’t on the chart. Most wanted to be the new participants for ATing and Coldest.

The off-season is coming to an end. The Hunters officially announced their team changes only a matter of time. It is good to finally listen to your preparations for 2020 after an agonisingly quiet off-season from them. Official ads are supposed to be arriving shortly.