Overwatch League makes changes to the Stage Playoffs schedule

Overwatch league has announced changes to the Stage Playoffs schedule. They will also be changing the format which will now see four teams participating in the playoffs rather than the traditional three. Its been only two stages that have come to completion during the first season of Overwatch league. 

The first stage saw all the title match playoffs being played on one day. It definitely caused a big imbalance in terms of player rest and performance. Some players were simply unable to make an impact due to tired and busy schedules.

The first team on the Stage Leaderboards right now will have the option to choose their opponents in the semifinals. This does give them an incentive to play to get the first position. But obviously, the teams have

The tie-breaker rules still remain the same as before:

  1. Stage-only map differential.
  2. Stage-only head-to-head result.
  3. If two teams are tied in record and map differential without having played one another during the stage in question, qualification/seeding will be decided by a single tiebreaker match, with format and scheduling details to be determined.

You can read more information about the changes on the official Overwatch League website.