Overwatch announces Season 20 competitive map pool

Overwatch Competitive Season 20 is on the move and the map distribution of the game has expanded.

Season 19 was the first season in which the group welcomed the addition of a small map collection. The restricted choices allow users to improve their abilities on a curated set of Attack, Escort, Hybrid and Control maps instead of making each map in the game at rotating.

Remember, some of Paris and Horizon Lunar Colony’s most controversial maps for the Assault were excluded from the 19th season rotation and many fans are happy to hear that they remain on top of the 20th iteration of Overwatch.

With Season 20, Russia is remaining in the Overwatch map draw.

In reality, with the original three, Hanamura, Temple of Anubis and Volskaya Industries, all maps of Season 19 Assault remains intact.

On the escort line, the players in Dorado, Rialto and Havana will go along the package. It sadly means that Gibraltar’s Watchpoint was reduced to easy games.
In Hybrid, opposite the German map Eichenwalde, the ever-popular King’s Row remains in motion. Yet Numbani substituted Hollywood.

Selfless Gaming (0-4) is still to win a competition, and over the coming few days, five teams, SK Gaming, NRG eSports, Renegades, Winterfox and Counter Logic Gaming, will continue their league campaign.

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New Maps:
Dorado, Rialto, Numbani, Illios, Oasis

Map removed:
Gibraltar, Rt 66, Hollywood, Nepal, Lijiang Tower

Eventually, on the Control / King of the Hill front, there are two shifts. Busan is coming back from Season 20, which Illios and Oasis following. The rotation is at least out of Nepal and Lijang Tower until the 21st of the season.

Ironically, it is the very same as the Assault series. 2CP is often regarded as the most contentious overwatch game mode with a large number of players, in particular as a result of the vast advantages of the environment for the defenders.

With no new PTR up and running yet, Blizzard can change some of the notorious maps in order to make them more enjoyable to watch.

It will be fascinating to see how the map will be rotated in Season 21 and how it will behave when maps such as Paris rejoin the piscine.