New York Excelsior win Stage 2 Title Playoffs in Overwatch League

New York Excelsior managed a remarkable reverse sweep to win the Stage 2 Title Playoffs in the Overwatch league. The Korean roster was expecting to meet with London Spitfire in the Title matches, however, they were surprised to see Philadelphia Fusion in the finals.

Philadelphia Fusion managed a remarkable performance against London Spitfire and closed it out on Route 66. The Fusion team has been making quite some progress as a team with their new DPS players in the form of EQO and Snillo. These new players have adjusted really well with the former DPS players in Shadowburn and Carpe. The skill level ceiling is at an all-time high.

With this Title match playoffs win, NYXL won their first Title Stage Championship. They are also the leaders on the overall standings for the Overwatch League.