Mickie urges fans not to single out coaches or players for poor performance

Dallas Fuel has been having problems with their performance in the Overwatch League. Once touted as the favorites coming into the tournament, Dallas Fuel has been unable to make a big impact in the league so far. They have had problems with their tank line and DPS LIne as well.

Mickie Image with EnVyUs Jersey
Mickie plays D’va for Dallas Fuel. His face-cams are worth watching during the League broadcast.

With the addition of AKM and Rascal onto the roster, Dallas does look much better, however still have been unable to provide the required results.

Mickie has been the pillar of the team keeping up the team morale and encouraging his teammates to become better at communicating with each other. He has now urged his fans not to blame either the coach KyKy or individual players for the poor performance.