Los Angeles Valiant sign Kuki from Seoul Dynasty

The Los Angeles Valiant’s latest announcement adds Kuki to their Overwatch League team. Dae-kuk “KuKi” Kim usually plays the role of the Main tank in his previous roster. However, being on Seoul Dynasty also meant that he was almost always second fiddle to Miro. While Miro has taken on streaming for the foreseeable future, Kuki will move to the Los Angeles Valiant.

Kuki has spent 6 years in America which will be very useful in his integration to the Valiant roster. His experience of staying in North America essentially reduces the cultural and linguistic barriers between the Valiant players.

The Official Announcement

The Los Angeles Valiant announced the transfer of Daekuk “KuKi” Kim from the Seoul Dynasty.

The 27-year-old was part of the main tank rotation for the Dynasty during the inaugural season of the Overwatch League. Prior to joining Seoul, KuKi played for MVP Space in APEX.

Kuki has a very positive attitude towards life. He was a part of the Seoul Dynasty roster for Season1. 

“We’re excited to add KuKi as a veteran presence to our young tank core. In addition to creating depth in our front line, his knowledge and professionalism is a valued asset to the development of our roster.”

LA Valiant General Manager Michael Schwartz

Kuki’s addition adds more depth to the Los Angeles Valiant roster for Season 2. The Valiants already have Fate as their Main tank on the team. With Coach Moon presiding over the players and their playstyle, we can be sure to see differing playstyles between the two players. Coach Moon has been instrumental in improving Los Angeles Valiant performance in Season 1.


Noah Whinston led Immortals owns the Los Angeles Valiant franchise. It is one of the two teams representing Los Angeles [ Gladiators is the other team]. If you are interested in the player movements during the off-season, you can follow the news on the official Overwatch League website. We will also keep you informed of any roster moves and news in the Overwatch League as soon as it happens.