Heesu signed by Philadelphia Fusion

RunAway DPS Jeong “Heesu” Hee-Su was signed today by the Philadelphia Fusion.

In its Contenders Korea Championship in 2019, Heesu played for RunAway. Hitkan heroes such as Widowmaker, McCree and Ashe were frequently played. In the season of the contestants, he went to Zarya to be part of the selection of the GOATS. Being part of the double shield system, he has also proven to be a lethal reaper.

One of the first clubs to release an eight-player roster were Philadelphia. The team kept most of its long-standing stars, including DPS Lee ‘ Carpe’ Jae-Hyeok, Kim’s principal tank “Sado” Su-min, Gaels’ Poko’ Flex tank Gouzerch and Isaac ‘ Boombox ‘ Flex help Charles. For a short period of time Josue “EQO” Corona said farewell to Fusion but was back in the squad before the 2020 season.

Including retaining the team’s players since the start of the first season, the Fusion took the old London SPITFIRE and Kim Jun-ho, one-champion, to improve the tank line.

Heesu is not the only player who was taken in offseason by the Fusion. Help was given to Kim “Alarm” from Kyung-bo, a group foothold in the Contenders show, at the Fusion Academy.

In the off-season RunAway brought myriad of its employees to the Overwatch League. Except for Heesu, Jun-ki DPS Kim “Yaki,” Nam-jin Gang help and Kim “Kuki” Dae-kuk coach are elevated to the table. The group affiliated with Mayhem from Florida.