Goldman Sachs mentions Overwatch League in a note to clients

Goldman Sachs mentioned Overwatch League as a part of their outlook. Goldman Sachs is a leading investment banking firm which continually appraises the best esports organisations and companies. Their outlook on Activision Blizzard is definitely positive as they look to guide others seeking to invest in Blizzard. Some of the factors mentioned in the article include potential releases in the near future. Blizzard is seeking to release Diablo, Overwatch 2 and a potential esports mobile title. While Diablo and the esports title are no secret, the Overwatch 2 mention definitely springs up a surprise. It is also important to note that Goldman Sachs have not mentioned Overwatch League, the biggest esports league in quite sometime.

Each team has invested $20 million into their team as part of the Overwatch league. The Overwatch League involves a home and away model which will see the twelve teams travel all over the world in an attempt to make this league a global success.

Source : Unikrn