Former Second Wind player, Ellie’s identity comes under question

Recently there is a controversy regarding a professional Overwatch player quitting. The player who goes by the name of Ellie recently quit her position on Team Second Wing. The announcement was followed by a series of tweets by the owner. Justin Hughes,l the owner of Second Wind publicly spoke on Twitter accusing the community of hypocrisy. He blamed the community for constantly pushing the player to reveal her true identity.

In fact, he believes that the constant pushing by the community is what led the first female Overwatch Contenders player to quit.

Despite constant urging on part of the community, Ellie never streamed herself live. She did speak on stream in an attempt to verify her own identity. However, the lack of any face-cam definitely was one of the biggest reasons for the suspicions. Several pros like Dafran also had their doubts about the player’s identity.

Ellie wasn’t the person playing on her account.

According to Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau, Ellie was not the person playing from her account. A twitch clip by Aspen says that the Ellie account was a social experiment. You can find the clip here. She claims that Ellie is actually PunisherOW [ another Pro player ]. He started this as a social experiment and did not expect things to go so out of hand.

This so-called social experiment is a huge blow to female participation in overwatch. In an industry already seeing minimal female involvement, creating a fake identity, joining a team and playing at the top tier is unacceptable. We wonder what Blizzard has to say on this matter. Hopefully, they will take some action against the professional player for his conduct and attitude regarding the whole episode.