Youtube hits back at Twitch with new esports deal

Activision Blizzard Video Game Publisher has entered into a multi-year agreement with Google to host Activision Blizzard games and other technologies for the search engine for giants cloud platform resources. Most importantly, YouTube will become an official broadcast partner for all major e-sports game publishers, including the upcoming Overwatch League season and the Duty League Call that starts today in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This contract is a big win for Youtube, the world’s largest video website and the world’s second-largest channel, with only Twitch Gaming King. During the first two seasons of the Overwatch League, Twitch was Activision Blizzard’s official broadcast partner, and Twitch has long been the hub of live game content.

It seems that the transition continues, partly because of the ability to compete with platforms to invest large amounts of money on such talent and exclusivity agreements. Since its launch in 2015, the service has not succeeded as a separate section of its larger YouTube community and has even shut down a dedicated YouTube Gaming feature earlier this year, as it was the subject of “confusion” for fans. It’s his presence. It is located in a YouTube playroom where popular live streams and videos are stored.

However, the fall of YouTube Gaming as an independent network did not prevent the website from trying to gain more from the live streaming market. In recent months, YouTube has signed exclusive licencing partnerships with leading artists such as Jack “CouRage” Dunlop and Lachlan Power and is still the main video destination. Although many streamers are still on Twitch or have switched to rival Microsoft Mixer, including Fortnite Star Tyler’s “Ninjas Blevins,” after streaming, YouTube remains the place where all of these developers post videos, vlogs and other live content.

In this case, the Activism Pact is another part of the ongoing digital struggle between online video networks, streaming services, conventional corporations and web creators, cable and network. In this particular context, Amazon-based Twitch contrasts with Google-owned YouTube, and Facebook also seeks to create its own live streaming service to take advantage of the success of game content. Yet it seems only a matter of time to get involved in live streaming and gaming worlds before other major war parties, be they Espn, HBO and Netflix.

“Youtube offers gamers and their passionate fans the most popular video gaming platform worldwide to over 200 million gamers a day, watching over 50 billions of hours of game contents per year,” Ryan Wyatt, Head of YouTube Gaming, said in a statement.

“The Overwatch League and the Call of Duty League are the most important examples of world-class sports games. As a former analyst at Call of Duty Esport, I couldn’t be more pleased to choose YouTube for both legs ‘ interactive live streaming. YouTube is the company’s exclusive property, and this relationship further represents our commitment to a world-class live gaming experience.