Winners of 2019 Esports Awards Announced

Last weekend’s 2019 Esports Awards was presented by Esports Stadium Arlington. The awards were presented by Eefje “SJOKZ” Depoortere and “GOLDEN BOY” Alex Mendez, and over the last year they honoured some of the best in the industry. In sharing their hosting duties, Jess Brohard, Bil “Hop” Carter, Lottie Van Praag and Juan DeBiedma, “Hungrybox.”

First Stateside Awards The Esports Awards are presented in the United States for the first time. In addition to his specified outfit from Sonicfox, the arena was filled with sports figures, streamers and reporters. Thousands of viewers from 30 nations viewed the YouTube, Twitch, Mixer and Twitter live stream of the case.

Mayor Jeff Williams of Arlington, who is a special guest of the event, started the process with the message. He spoke about esport as real sport and vowed to promote it. A video package of elderly people not consenting to real esports or to attracting viewers on television being performed. The best events of the year were observed. Bugha, aged 16, won the Fortnite World Cup, and those who were on TV proved wrong, amongst others, dramatic moments. Dr. Disrespect was also honoured with the Streamer of the Year Medal.

Richard Lewis won Esports Journalist of the Year and was criticizing the mainstream media in harsh words. He called Kotaku and Polygon and he complained about their little understanding of esports. Lewis said every year that he would create hit pieces on a streamer, trying to cancel the streamer, so that they could have one of their mates in the city.

He was also ridiculed by the lack of evidence-oriented and sensationalist journalists in covering a CS: GO competition as a Trump rally. Lewis congratulated the honest and truthful reporters and those who tried to make the truth known and to criticise those that did not. The most influential response of the night was this speech, with most of the audience ovating it.

League of Legend received the Esport Game of the Year award at the fresh start of the 2019 World Championship. CS: GO took second place, and Rainbow Six took the third victory. With the Esports Reporting Year Site heading to Dexerto, HyperX won the Esport Marketing Partner of the Year. Intel won the award for the year’s computer manufacturer. Riot Games has also won an award as a Gaming Publisher of the Year from the League of Legends. The prize is presented to the Organization of the Year for Sports Aid.

The recipients of the Esports Pro Award Kyle “Bugha” was given two prizes in Giersdorf on the weekend. PC Rookie of the Year and PC Game of the Year have been presented to Fortnite World Cup winners. His mother suggested that at the age of thirty he should use his huge world cup winnings only.

This year, Ryan Thompson won the Panels Selection award for the first time. The 2019 World Championship received the Esports Live Event of the Year award for the League of Legends players. Further good news. Awarded the GOLDEN BOY Host of the Year to Esports. G2 Sports team League of Legends won the year’s Sports Team. Dominique “Sonicfox” has earned the year’s Esports Console Game, Henry “Hensing G” Greer has won the year Caster of the Year, and Chris “Simp” Lehr has won the year’s rookie of the Year’s Esports Console. In the case of the Year’s Organization, Team Liquid has won their organisation another reward.

Finally, Jemima “LittleJem” Puckett won the Esports Cosplay of the Year award at the fan awards and became the first person in history to win the award. For Craig “Mini Lad” Thompson, Dr. Disrespect earned the Content Designer of the Year Prize. Dr. Disrespect won the award. Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag was granted a personality of the Sports Year. Stephanie Lindgren has been named the Year’s Sports Photographer and 100 Thieves ‘ Outdoor Videographer of the Year has gone to Logan Dodson.

The 2019 Esports Awards have been a successful sports event. The major figures of the year were celebrated in all aspects of sport culture. Many people and companies will be deserving of awards as the sector continues to grow. The 2020 Esport Awards would definitely be even more spectacular.