What Sort of PC Gives You The Edge at DOTA 2?

Dota 2, developed in 2009, is a free to play, multiplayer online battle arena game by Valve. The game is played by two teams of 5 players. The object of the game is to destroy the “ancient” structure within the opposing team’s base camp. You play as a “hero”, a character you control, with various powers and abilities. The game will feel familiar to Warcraft players, as most of the heroes have originated from there.

During the game, the player collects items and builds experience points to attempt to defeat the heroes from the opposite team, then destroying the opponents ancient. It has come so popular that people are even able to bet on DOTA 2 should they wish!

Why Would You Want a Good PC To Play It?

DOTA 2’s gameplay is immersive, requiring you to practice and hone your skills. To have an edge in DOTA 2, but the right PC can definitely help.

It can be played on a wide range of PC’s, but your gameplay experience depends on the ability of your PC to provide a high enough refresh rate at the resolution you’ve chosen for your PC. This is measured in Frames per second (FPS), it is the number of screen images your PC can output every second. The higher the screen rate, the more images per second, and the smoother the game will appear. Dropping the frame rate too low causes the animation within the game to appear jerky, spoiling player enjoyment and making competitive play difficult. Aiming for a frame rate of 60 FPS and above will give you smooth, fluid gameplay.

There are 4 different settings that can be selected in Dota 2 to determine how your PC will use its resources to play and display the game. These pre-sets range from the highest quality graphical output, which requires the most system resources, but provides the best images, to the lowest quality graphical output, but fastest gameplay.

Choosing a PC able to run fast gameplay and high graphical output at the same time can only help your competitiveness within the game.

What PC is Best? 

The best PC to play DOTA 2 is always going to be one that has the best resources. With the game itself taking around 1Gb of ram to run. You can see with low ram machines, this doesn’t leave much to play with, so for smooth gameplay, 4Gb of ram should be considered the minimum – more being highly preferable in helping give you the edge. You will also need a decent dual-core processor to prevent bottlenecks and keep the game running smoothly. Most modern processors are fine, but some older ones may struggle to keep up.

As usual with modern games, the best graphics card that you can afford will bring rewards, but make sure your system is in balance. It is no good having the fastest graphics card, if your ram and processor power is too low to prevent the game from slowing due to bottlenecks.

Whatever PC you play DOTA 2 on, remember it’s the taking part that matters; it’s a team game, there to be enjoyed. Remember, you can always upgrade your machine as your own gameplay skills improve over time.

Stick within your budget, there are lots of PC’s and upgrade parts out there to choose from, speak to other players and get an idea of what PC’s and specs they find works best for them.  But if you want to win then you should make sure you invest in a setup that gives you the edge above other players. Shop around for a decent setup with your budget and remember that parts can always be upgraded as you go if you decide you need a better machine to keep up.