VOLARANT suspension of Sinatraa is over

Sinatraa can now freely participate again in VOLARANT esports. The six-month suspension given to the former player for not fully cooperate with Riot Games’ inspection into allegations against him made by his ex-girlfriend namely Cleo Hernandez about sexual assault has expired.

He violated rule 8.1 related to VOLARANT Global Competition Policy for which he got suspended in May by Riot officially, but on 10 March he began to serve it. The rule reads that the Operator of the Tournament will have the right to operate the compliance with the Event-specific Rules which are applicable and Global policy and inspect possible violations.

When agreed to Global Policy every Team Member has to fully cooperate with the operator of the Tournament in case of any external or internal investigations related to breaching the Global Policy, and any law or rule specific to the event.

Moreover, It is the duty of each Member to expose the truth related to investigations conducted by the Tournament operator against any breaching or obstructing such investigations or withhold evidence.

During the investigations by Riot, Sinatraa made wrong statements and represented facts in the wrong way on two occasions. Possibly the extension of suspension could have taken place, but that luckily didn’t happen.

Though he promised but failed to provide full audio and video evidence in reference to allegations made by Hernndez.

After the allegations made in march, Sinatraa was referred to as an Inactive roaster of the sentinel but remained part of the organization.

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo took place him and helped the team to win VCT Masters Two Berlin in May, during championships other than this, thus became the team’s superstar.

As per George Geddes, teams are willing to take him, while it’s not a sure statement that Sinatraa will play professionally the VOLARANT.