Top 10 Best Smartphones for PUBG Mobile 2019

When looking for the best mobile for pubg, you have to consider that PUBG Mobile is a graphics-intensive game requiring a strong device, and this lineup is one of the most recent and up-to-date list of devices you can purchase in 2019. It also has an array of excellent smartphone for those who like to stay on the bleeding edge, not merely for playing, but also for others.

#10 – iPhone XR

iPhone XR for PUBG Mobile

Apple’s iPhone XR may neglect some of the characteristics that render it really astonishing for iPhone XS and XS Max, but it does so at a reduced cost. And it still offers 6.1 inches, though it may have a narrower display.

Although the reduced cost goes with exclusions, such as a simplified lens configuration, the XR is not internally skimping. It packs the same A12 Bionic chipset as the other models, and it runs iOS 12 and iOS 13 in the same way. It means that all the same games can be played and played as smoothly (if not smoothly, because there are fewer pixels for push).

The iPhone XR also features one of the greatest iPhone batteries we’ve ever seen on. So the iPhone XR is a powerful choice if you want plenty of gaming on iOS.

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  • An affordable option with A12 chipset
  • Great battery life
  • Huge screen, 6.1 inches


  • Lower screen resolution
  • 3GB of ram (Only one more Gigabyte of ram than required)

 #9 – Honor Play

Honor Play for PUBG Mobile

The Honor Play is low-cost gaming, a well-looking smartphone that is under $300. In addition, it packages and works superbly at entry cost in some severe specs. With excellent performance, inexpensive equipment, Honor has an excellent history and, to be frank, honour is no distinct.

The Honor Play doesn’t pursue the pattern like many devices with a game concentrate. You will not be able to locate garish LEDs or strong corners or strange layout options. This is instead a simple business that doesn’t glance outside in and around the same price point next to other appliances. The Honor Play also requires some development signals from earlier Apple phones–iPhone 6, particularly–and the accessible range of the Huawei sibling company.

This is why I do not believe the majority of individuals would even realize that this device was marketed as a gaming device. And the only real indication is that “Play” is on this tablet. Although it’s a device with a game marketing angle, it provides amazing efficiency and daily usability despite all this.

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  • Very cheap, $300
  • Decent specs
  • A considerable chipset


  • Display

#8 – Samsung Galaxy M20

Samsung galaxy m20 for PUBG mobile

The new Galaxy M20 is the answer to Redmi Note 7 and 10 Lite from Xiaomi. It took Samsung some time. Presented as a one-two box, mid-range contest, the device is a component of the fresh smartphone line M by Samsung, intended for a newer crowd. But do you believe that Samsung could be too early to recover its mid-range section? In our Galaxy M20 review, let’s find out.

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  • Brilliant battery life
  • Remarkable Display
  • Rivalling performance for the price


  • Slippery design
  • 4GB of ram on Android

#7 – Razer Phone 2

Razor phone for PUBG

The first Razer Phone was a strong initial attempt to introduce a portable phone with the game-specific label, but it has some weaknesses that have fallen it further. Some of the second edition have been targeted and a better phone is available, although it still mainly targets gamers.

What does imply? The screen and the screen are not almost as spectacular as other devices that pay so much, so informal players would like to check somewhere else. However, if you are more severe about and can afford mobile gaming, that’s a good option.

Externally, the Razer Phone 2, although it was upgraded to the 845 Snapdragon and moved to the Qi back to the glass for Wireless Charging, was not very much altered from its previous version. A smooth steam room has also been introduced to warm the machine.

At the end of the day, the handset, the 8 GB RAM, the great speakers, the 120hz screen refreshing rate, and the 4,000-mAh battery make it an ideal choice for gaming.

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  • 120hz response rate display
  • Cheap alternative to higher-end phones
  • A considerable amount of ram
  • Light


  • Small screen

#6 – Honor 8X

Honor 8x for PUBG

The Honor 8X is a high-value smartphone that delivers a wonderful display and amazing stamina for cash in excellent results. It competes very well with the Moto G6+ which charges approximately the same, but has a more appealing structure, in my view. The camera can be a mixed bag, but it can make some excellent pictures if it is used with some regard. Don’t purchase into the whole AI hype simply. With its amazing battery life, the Honor 8X offers an excellent price for cash.

This is a Honor intermediate choice, and you usually achieve the output that suits your cost. This doesn’t mean it’s sluggish during daily use. No annoying stutters like Instagram or Twitter working on daily basis, or entering lot of tabs in Chrome have ever met.

The Honor 8X can perform well with our benchmarks, handling the Geekbench 4 single and multi-core trials respectively, at a rating of 1412 and 5313. Put against the 866 and 4081 results of the similarly prize-winning Moto G6 Plus and look at the good thrust of the Kirin 710. Gaming output is respectful for the cash, thanks to a Mali G51 GPU. Fire up PUBG Mobile and you get high clean frame rates.

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  • Competitive battery life
  • Decent chipset
  • Decent display


  • 4GB of ram

#5 – Asus ROG Phone

Asus ROG phone for PUBG MOBILE

The Asus ROG Phone may “sound like an angry Decepticon,” as our reviewers have said, but the device is a strong mobile that entices gamers with many extra features. It also represents a good smartphone and has significant benefits over Razer Phone 2 in comparison.

Its specs for the tablet released in tail end 2018 are strongly advanced: an overclocked Snapdragon 845, an 8 GB RAM and a 4,000mAh batteries, and 90hz refresher that only pales to 120hz on the Razer Phone.

As for gaming, the touch-sensitive buttons of the phone, “AirTrigger” in the top right and top left corners of the phone are cool customizable ways to play with your typical smartphone.

You can buy a selection of Accessories to add to your mobile game experience, true to the Asus Republic of Gamers brand. These are an alarm box with a reward panel, a couple of console halves on either hand and an ammunition board to expand your mobile phone into a Nintendo Switch-style large display. There is even an easy clip-on printer for a thermal reduction in matches.

We’re not responsible for your skipping for anything a bit more conservation because of its external design or the appeal of the ROG Phone. But its developments should not be ignored, particularly the AirTriggers, when it comes to severe gaming devices.

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  • Excellent specs for the price
  • Plenty of mods to enhance the gaming experience


  • Sections of the phone might not be suited for gaming

#4 – Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus/S10 (NOW £569.00)

Samsung galaxy s10 for PUBG

Don’t be too amazed to watch Samsung listed strong. The recent smartphone series from Galaxy S10 is the first in Qualcomm’s strong fresh 855 Snapdragon chipset to boost the efficiency of the phone rapidly.

However, these great gaming devices are not the only chipset that produces them. They have high-dynamic Super AMOLED displays, so you get excellent images in movies and games.

The display is also expanded, so you need to glance at this much more match. You both have a lethal phone and a strong mobile gaming system with these devices.

More importantly, according to The Verge, VR supporters can still use fresh devices with current Gear VR headsets. You can enjoy the immersive game on the crisp screens of your phones.

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  • Huge screen real-estate
  • Powerful chipset
  • Huge battery
  • 8GB of ram


  • Large phone
  • Slippery
  • The infinity-o display is a slight deformed

#3 – OnePlus 7 Pro

Oneplus 7 pro for pubg mobile

OnePlus 7 Pro is cheaper than the iPhones or Samsungs on the list but still provides up to 12 GB of RAM with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset.

The OnePlus 7 Pro is the first company device with QHD screen, which offers a superb density of pixels for vivid visuals. It implies that matches burn rapidly and work efficiently. The large volume of the screen is on top of this strong resolution and provides 6.67 inches of room without any screens or notches. The 90 Hz screen refresh rate, which allows playing and uses every day so much smoother, further enhances the gaming expertise.

There’s also a large 4000mAh battery that should maintain you running during long games, and it’s all about an upmarket gaming smartphone.

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  • Huge all-day battery life for long games
  • A large amount of ram


  • Lack of resolution and only ‘HD’ display

#2 – iPhone XS / XS Max

Apple iPhone XS Max for PUBG

The iPhone XS Max is the larger, stronger sibling of the latest smartphone of Apple in a couple of main respects, but if you choose a gaming smartphone, you might do the utmost.

The 6.5-inch iPhone screen XS Max is larger than the 5.8-inch sibling screen and the larger battery keeps working almost an hour longer than the standard iPhone XS.

These advantages will offer you a better edge than the iPhone XS, but the A12 Bionic Processor, the real advantage for both of this Apple phone generation.

In our experiments, Clash Royale and PUBG filled more quickly (as for iPhone X), and online gaming is essential to velocity. Everything that in a contemporary and smooth Apple image–but it’s even before all the whistles and bells the most costly commercial device on the industry.

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  • One of the fastest chipsets in smartphone gaming
  • Best games ecosystem
  • Colourful screen
  • Huge screen


  • Expensive

#1 – iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max

iPhone 11 pro max for PUBG mobile

The iPhone 11 Pro is a real rebounder in today’s ever-growing phablet industry with its comparatively tiny 5,8-inch display. But many individuals still want a more compact device. There are many. However, everything else about the iPhone 11 Pro is large, including Apple’s giant photos changes. The iPhone 11 Pro is now probably the finest photo device in the world from the fresh night and superior Smart HDR to the expanded image vibrant spectrum.

At $999, it’s also quite large for the iPhone 11 Pro, and I’d expect more storage for a grand than 64 GB. The iPhone 11 Pro Max 6.5-inch and the smaller iPhone 11 are more battery-friendly. However, the iPhone 11 Pro will be straight down on you if you want the cow of a smartphone with a layout that is simpler to tote and to use with one side.

You can buy the latest iPhone 11 Pro/ Pro Max here


  • Best performance phone you can buy
  • Excellent display
  • Plenty of screen real-estate


  • Price