This IOS 13 bug makes PUBG and Fortnite unplayable

Recent iOS 13 updates and Fortnite uploads? You might be in for a rough ride of not playing PUBG or Fortnite.
iOS 13 includes a bug with a hideous face that is frequently used in first-person shooters when the iPhone holders use the3-finger click. It leaves it impossible to play matches such as PUBG, Fortnite and others, as the game takes’ buttons.’

Until a patch has been produced and issued, PUBG has advised users not to switch to iOS 13. In potential releases, it is anticipated that text editing configurations will be resolved.

Some applications, particularly applications such as GarageBand, are also impacted if you’re trying to perform the virtual piano. There’s no fix or disabled handset currently, and FPS players are going to have to wait for iOS 13.1 to be released until Tuesday. Apple will only display this three-finger motion in the correct sense, that is when editable material is accessible in the said application.