Third Season of Clash Royale with New Tower Skin and Significant Balance Changes

The third season of Clash Royale will fall on Sept. 2 and bring home the iconic arena. The season motto is “be legendary,” which will offer players the opportunity to get iconic cards and emotions. A fresh skin on the tower, along with many modifications in the game balance, will also drop with the update.

Unlike the past two seasons, as the Legendary Arena will be brought back to the game, this season won’t get a new arena. There will be all games in this arena above 4000 awards.

However, fans will get a fresh skin to the tower with the update. It is possible to unlock the Fortress, which has flying stones and a waterfall through the royal pass.

The fresh pass royale will give players the opportunity to gain a bunch of interesting benefits just like any season. Unlike last summer, when participants were required to achieve level 30 to obtain the skin of the tower, this time the skin of the tower will only be accessible at level 10. There’s an exclusive princess emote at level 20, while iconic tombs are back at level 35.

Going “be legendary” with the atmosphere, the unique difficulties of this season will give players the opportunity to unlock iconic cards. In the season three reveal video published by Clash Royale on YouTube, players were also told to watch out for iconic emotions.

We’re seeing a ton of modifications in the game balance this season as anticipated. The greatest shift is to get a full rework from the executioner. The executioner damage was nearly doubled as his hit points, hit velocity, and range dropped. The time taken to return his axis will be decreased with the reduction in scope, which will render his shot speed quicker.

While the modifications to the Executioner have been called a rework, many players claim that this is just a buff in fact. Looking at the modifications, it definitely looks like a big buff. Seth Allison, one of the game developers from Supercell, offered this rework and the Fisherman card in a Twitter thread more understanding.

Seth revealed that Supercell has chosen not to make the new cards too strong as it will cause players to spend a lot of time and resources on getting and upgrading the card, only to see it get nerfed later. Therefore, at the time, the Fisherman card may not resonate well with the meta. He also said the Executioner rework “may lift a few doubts,” but added that they want the reworks to be meta-impacting, even if it implies subsequently nerfing the card.

The other modifications in the equilibrium include a buff to Royal Ghost’s area damage while the Dark Prince reduces its area damage. The variety of P.E.K.K.A and the velocity of the Goblin Brawler (current in the Goblin Cage) get nerves.