Team Liquid at DreamHack Montreal bring down G2 Esports

As if the victory of TSM over the FaZe Clan was not entirely upsetting, today at Rainbow Six Siege DreamHack Montreal, G2 Esports dropped to Team Liquid. In quite a while, G2 hasn’t looked like their dominant selves, but it’s definitely a huge embarrassment.

For the previous two decades, G2 has been performing in the Pro League. Missing nine Milan Finals in the summer and dropping to Team Empire in the Six Major Raleigh suggested the club was hitting some huge spikes along the manner. G2 tried to change the formula by leaving Joonas “jNSzki” Savolainen, long-time key team affiliate, to no avail for Aleksi “UNO” Työppönen.

Today’s failure to Liquid affects G2 supporters. A far cry from their usual LAN monster selves, this variant of G2. Placing the present G2 next to yesteryear’s G2 is difficult. It was baffling to see G2 losing a map 0-7 to Liquid and it shouldn’t have been feasible.

Fans have seen G2 dig themselves out of a loop on the LAN before, but it looks distinct this moment around. G2’s Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen had earlier indicated that communication is a big issue for the squad and they worked jointly to improve it. The findings of this communication job in or out of the Pro League have yet to be seen.

Aside from communications problems, there is no questioning the seriousness of G2’s liquid failure. If G2 doesn’t carry through their decision-making game, the path ahead will become much smoother for all players to advance to the semifinals. Normally, G2 is ferocious on the LAN and this failure does not show the amount of skill that completes the list.

The loss of G2 adds to DreamHack Montreal’s growing list of upsets, and it looks like the tournament is getting ready to see more in the next two days. On the formal broadcast here, fans can capture all of the DreamHack Montreal activity.