Stalwart Esports wins the 2022 PMPL South Asia Championship

Stalwart Esports the Mongolia representatives have taken first place in the Player Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile Pro League South Asia Championship 2022. A high total of 24 matches were played during the four day event which ran from May 19th to May 22nd, as well as featuring the best 16 teams from South Asia.

Stalwart Esports dominated straight from the gate on the first day of the finals, while maintaining that momentum until the final match of the tournament. The team was the only one to achieve the 300 point mark and grabbed a total of 323 points with 157 kills. Trained to Kill Esports thanks to consistent gameplay was able to secure the second spot with a total of 273 points.

Veteran team Jyan Maara Esports claimed third place with 258 points. The team managed to take five game wins to finish on the podium. Also known as the pride of Pakistan, i8 Esports finished in fourth place with a total 228 points.

SEAL Esports, the second Mongolian team in the tournament, implemented a more aggressive gameplay style, thanks to that they were able to get fifth place. DRS Gaming occupied the sixth rank.

Previous tournament favorites IHC Esports (formerly Zeus Esports) didn’t have the best season. They failed to create stronger positions and rotations throughout the course of the tournament, thus finishing in 7th place.

PMPL Spring Pakistan champions 52xRage had an average performance in the tournament, as they seemed to try and apply a more aggressive approach with low results. The majority of passive teams were able to get easy kills on 52xRage while they were aggressively rotating to the next circle, while trying to gain an advantage in tempo.

However the most shocking position of the tournament was Skylightz Gaming, the fan favorites also didn’t compare well to other teams and finished in eighth place with a total of 176 points. PMPL SA runners up Deadeyes Guys found themselves in the ninth rank, and FreeStyle was placed fourteenth. Team TUF finished in sixteenth place with 88 points, the lowest amount of the tournament.

In regards to the prize pool of the tournament. The crowned champions, Stalwart Esports, took home forty thousand dollars out of the total one hundred and fifty thousand dollar pool. Trained to Kill received a reward of twenty eight thousand. JyanMaara Esports received eighteen thousand dollars for third place, while i8 Esports took home ten thousand dollars.

The event was deemed successful as viewership was quite high throughout the entire tournament, and it will be interesting to see which team gets invited to the World’s Invitational 2022. The PMWI 2022 is a mid-season global tournament, Tencent will provide more information about the tournament in June (including starting date).

Throughout the last few years, the South Asian region has made a name for itself in the mobile gaming scene, after actively participating in esports. The region is also known for its fans who are loyal and passionate, hopefully we can see more of this in the future.