Samsung sponsors David Beckhams esports team

According to a recent estimate, worldwide esports profits might exceed $1.1 billion by the end of the year, up 14.5 percent year over year. Esports is becoming a more lucrative business than ever, and while Samsung is not actively managing an esports team, strategic alliances are allowing the company’s brand to become more visible across the industry.

David Beckham’s Guild Esports organisation now has Samsung as an official sponsor. Yes, David Beckham, the former England captain, is a co-owner of Guild Esports, a London-based firm that went public on the London Stock Exchange in October.


Samsung hasn’t revealed any financial details about its newfound role as a Guild Esports sponsor, but according to CityAM, half of the deal’s value will be paid in cash, with the other half coming in the form of Samsung monitors.

Samsung Electronics UK’s Damon Crowhurst commented, “This cooperation underlines our continuous commitment to gamers and the wider industry, and will provide fans experiences beyond the standard.”

What if I told you that For four years, Samsung ran its own esports team.

South Korea is regarded as the birthplace of esports. Because here is where the craze began, it’s no surprise that Samsung had its own esports team for a few years. Samsung Galaxy, the company’s esports squad, was created in 2013 following the acquisition of MVP Blue and MVP White by Samsung.

League of Legends, StarCraft, and StarCraft II were among the esports titles in which Samsung Galaxy teams competed. After winning the 2017 League of Legends World Championship, the esports organisation was disbanded in 2017.

Since then, Samsung hasn’t maintained its own esports team, but it has stayed active in the esports community as a whole.
Samsung became a CLG memory partner and announced a new esports event in April, in addition to working with David Beckham’s Guild Esports organisation. In addition, it has partnered with H20 Esports Campus to develop a training programme for budding game designers.