Riot FPS: Project A isn’t like Overwatch, says vice president

A lot of comparisons between Overwatch and the latest FPS from Riot, which took place during the ten-year anniversary of the League of Legends, Project A, was made clear.

Project A is a tactical game shooter, but fans concentrate more on the player aspect compared to the Overwatch version. The business is being celebrated with similarities to Overwatch, Greg Street, vice chairman of intellectual property and entertainment at Riot said but the games will be different.

“Project A is a tactical shooter,” Street said. Street adde, “Lethality is high and you don’t respawn.” Main are map and gunplay power. This argument points to the fact that Project A is far similar to CS: GO, a game that depends on professional matches in relation to map control and utility.

Project A will soon be set on earth and thus, unlike Riot’s new match and card game, it will be removed from the world of League of Runeterra.

This is Riot’s first shooter test. However, apart from the initial announcement, further information is not available on Project A. Fans will wonder until more information on Project A is revealed by Riot.