PUBG sees huge decline in numbers in past 22 months

Player Unknown Battlegrounds wasn’t a great year because it is 82% less than the highest position of January 18. The average number of players has to lie about 288,848 in the past few weeks compared to 1,584,886 players in January 2018. That’s a huge drop without a particular reason, unexplained.

Tit Tencent struggles with regular patches and game updates to pump these numbers, but it doesn’t seem to work. The new 5.1 patches recently released brought plenty of new content into the game, from mapping revision to throwing weapons. Finally, Tencent decided to use the guns and, as an add-on, players can also give supplies to their teammates. Tencent’s history has always changed its titles so the players are always busy.

As its other headlines as PUBG: Mobile, Arena of Valor and the recently launched Call of Duty: mobile are always shown at the top of each statistical sheet, this decrease of statistics doesn’t bring an immediate credible threat to this company.

The most likely cause for this fall is evolving habits, increased emphasis on mobile gaming, intense competition from other Royal Battle titles like Apex Legends and Fortnite. These rival Battle Royale titles racked up huge numbers as Apex Legends hit 70 million players worldwide recently. Tencent must increase their game and then preserve players who restore this masterpiece of the Battle Royale to its former position.