Player finds major glitch while playing CS:GO

Player, Robin Kool, discovered a glitch on Dust II at a major CS:GO event while playing on behalf of mouse sports.

It’s a spot on the B bombsite platform that enables a CT player to target B tunnel while not displaying an opponent his head.

In pistol rounds, it can be highly overpowered as the T player would have to strike the CT in the body 10 times to kill them.

While some supporters said this is a matter of obtaining a peeking benefit, ropz later clarified that the player model is the issue.

“The model makes slight turns based on where you look,” Ropz said. “And it’s possible to abuse it that you make the model turn and still have vision but see no head at all like in this video.” The mousesports star also showed that this kind of trick can be used on other maps like Train. Another pro, Martin “STYKO” Styk, also showed on Mirage’s B bombsite an instance of the glitch.

Players in the StarLadder Berlin Major have so far not abused this kind of situation. If Valve understands about this glitch and if it will patch it in the near future, it is unknown at this moment.

If the pros start taking these abusive positions, Valve will most likely have to release an update or the players will agree not to use these spots, similar to what happened at the PGL Major Kraków in July 2017 with the jumping bug on Inferno.