Top 5 best Free Fire players in the world

While this might surprise a lot of people, Free Fire is currently one of the most played games. For this reason, its competitive market has grown like crazy, with several outstanding players and the origin of these players being quite varied.

If you do not know the world’s best Free Fire players, we bring you a list of the 5 most relevant of the moment.

The new MultiVersus game is already breaking records

The new MultiVersus fighting game has been building the hype towards its release for quite a while now. A lot of people were thinking that this game was going to be just another Smash Bros reskin, but with the closed beta, it became clear this was something more than that. Now that the game is publicly available, it’s already smashing expectations. MultiVersus download numbers have already broken records for fighting games just on the first day of its wider release. 

Report reveals $259M decline in Microsoft’s Gaming revenue

Microsoft has been thriving in the tech industry, and this year wasn’t an exception. Recently, Microsoft published a transparent financial report revealing all aspects of the company’s performance through Q4 of 2022. It was a telling report with a lot of details, explaining how, overall, Microsoft secured a total revenue of $51.9 billion, showing a 12% increase year on year, which is something quite impressive. 

MLBB proves that outside of the west mobile gaming is eager to be #1.

For a lot of western esports fans, it’s very uncommon to see mobile gaming as a real competition, especially if compared against the likes of League of Legends, CSGO, and Call of Duty. But the most watched esports tournament in June 2022 wasn’t for a console or PC game, but instead a mobile one. The MLBB Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2022 achieved a peak viewership of 2.8 million viewers, according to Esports Charts.

Riot Games launches brave Project Stryker

In the past few years, we’ve seen an immense growth in the esports industry, which means that the infrastructure supporting it must also evolve with it. With an increasing number of esports titles coming out and tournaments taking place every year, organizers and regulators must work increasingly harder to support this thriving industry. To help the cause, Riot Games has stepped up and announced the opening of its first esports broadcast facility, located in Dublin and known as Project Stryker.

XSET dominates 100 Thieves in NA Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2

After yesterday, XSET guaranteed themselves a top three finish in the NA VALORANT Champions Tour second stage, taking just one step closer to buying their ticket to the next Masters event in Copenhagen, all of this thanks to a commanding 2-0 win against 100 Thieves on Saturday.