OpTic Texas advances to the 2022 Call of Duty League Pro-Am Semifinals after taking down FaZe Atlanta

Despite OpTic using one of their substitute players, they managed to take down FaZe Atlanta in a very close series. Now OpTic Texas will head into the semifinals where they will face Los Angeles Thieves in one of the most exciting encounters this tournament will have.

OpTic Texas were unable to play with Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal since the start of the tournament, making a lot of people wonder how deep into the tournament they could go. ILLeY is having medical problems with his thumb since Major II in Minnesota, making him unable to participate in the Call of Duty League Pro-Am tournament.

Jordon “General” General would be ILLeY’s replacement coming into their match against FaZe Atlanta. Before this tournament, we saw General play at the CDC Minnesota Open 2022 with the pick-up team Texas Nation. They got knocked out by Strike X in the losers’ bracket finals.

Texas started on the backfoot against Atlanta on Gavatu, the first map of the series. Atlanta had a solid lead early on in the game and they never dropped it, and finished the game with a 250-100 score. The OpTic men were able to come back into the series after Shotzzy performed over the expectations. Texas finished with a 6-3 victory on Tuscan Search and Destroy. 

The series went on to continue in a back-and-forth manner after Atlantas was able to take down Texas on the third map. FaZe once again was in the lead and OpTic would have to play their best game in the fourth map if they wanted to advance into the semifinals. The teams would have their closest fight of the series as the game was closed out by OpTic with a 250-244 score.

Texas went full force into the final map of the series, taking down Atlanta quite convincingly. The game was played on Search and Destroy Berlin and OpTic finished with a solid 6-4 win against FaZe.

OpTic Texas is now preparing to take down Los Angeles Thieves, one of the strongest teams in the tournament. They already secured the 3-4th place prize of $25,000 dollars. 

The OpTic squad already performed over the expectations considering that they are playing with a substitute player. If they somehow manage to reach the finals and win it all, it’s going to be a huge achievement for the organization. Not only would they take $100,000 dollars home, but this would definitely make them the best team in the Call of Duty League.