Nicecactus and AJE Group set to host regional tournaments

With the announcement of a partnership with South American beverage company AJE Group, gaming tournament and training platform Nicecactus is now part of the AJE Group.

As a result, the platform will host grassroots League of Legends tournaments in ten countries, with a combined prize pool of $10,000 (£7200).

Six tournaments will be held from July to October, culminating in a live-streamed final with a $6,000 (£4,363) prize pool and a variety of local esports talent.

Nicecactus President Mike Hessabi said in a press release about the partnership: “This is the first time a major company like AJE is doing a global gaming campaign in multiple territories. It is in keeping with the Nicecactus way of life.

We firmly believe that gamers all over the world should have equal access to competitive gaming environments, regardless of where they physically reside. The prospect of implementing a regional series excites us, as well as AJE and the brand they have chosen to highlight: VOLT energy drink.”

Nicecactus has been extremely busy over the past three months. In July, the platform signed a partnership agreement with Kenyan esports platform Wolfie Sports and unveiled a partnership with internet and telecom provider ZEOP.