NFL Star Signs Up with eSports Team

If you are of a certain age, you may not be fully aware of the unstoppable growth of the eSports industry; indeed, you may even find it hard to comprehend the fact that millions of viewers are actively watching other individuals (and teams) play video games but nonetheless the spread of the market is quite something to behold.

A number of high-profile sportsmen and women have been linked with the world of eSports, and now Philadelphia Eagles running back Boston Scott has joined in on the action by signing with eSports organization Dignitas’s Rocket League team.

The addition of the 26-year-old NFL star isn’t just about creating a news story; Scott is actually a very high-caliber performer, being among the top half percentile when it comes to those who play the highly addictive game, Rocket League.

The growing popularity of eSports is such that it’s now a market that is regularly part of sportsbook activity and will no doubt be covered on reputable betting comparison site soon enough.

Dignitas is one of the most prominent organizations in the eSports world, and Scott may have gotten into the team down to ‘merit’; it’s clearly a great bit of media exposure to bring in an NFL player to the team.

Scott will be an alternate with the team, effectively a substitute, so he won’t play regularly in the team, and he is seen more as a content creator for the team. They no doubt see his involvement as something of a media exercise and no doubt the Eagles man will be regularly posting on the matter on his social media channels.

Boston Scott has just completed his fourth season at the Lincoln Financial Field, and the seven touchdowns that he completed in 2021 are more than he managed in the combined three seasons previously.

Last season the Eagles made a big jump from the previous year’s 4-11-1 record, completing a 9-8 regular-season record before they fell to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the wild card playoffs.

Scott becomes the first ‘two-sport’ player to combine their NFL activities with a stint in the Rocket League, and no doubt the Eagles will be paying close attention to make sure that these two roles don’t impede his progress.

It’s clearly an area that Scott is keen to pursue, and he was clearly excited to complete his move to Dignitas, sharing via a statement;

“Gaming has always been a part of my life. It had an impact on me since I was young that has made it bigger than just a hobby that I enjoy,”

“So the fact that I’m able to join Dignitas is a dream come true.”

Dignitas is owned by NBA outfit the Philadelphia 76ers, who acquired the group in 2016 and is one of the leading lights in the eSports world. They have won six championships in the last three years and will hope that Scott’s arrival will further boost their brand and its resultant successes in the eSports arena.