New PUBG Mobile Lite update 0.14.1 includes a bunch of new features

Mobile PUBG Mobile Lite has received a big overhaul that provides a fresh chart, league, arcades, games and more. PUBG Mobile’s lighter version is now in use! The update to 0.14.1 is already live, and is approximately 44 MB.

The Golden Woods map is fresh and comparable to PUBG’s Sanhok map. The map has dense forests, making it an optimal map for passive players. The Sanhok map of PUBG Mobile provides a comparable gameplay experience, in such a way that some places are a copy of Sanhok maps. The Miltary School, which basically is the Bootcamp in Sanhok, is an instance.

The first season of PUBG Mobile Lite is also starting on Oct. 1. Furthermore, the achievement system was introduced to the world-famous game. This offers players an opportunity in currencies, cosmetics and more for precious rewards. The update adds a naming scheme as well. Players can now get titles after certain tasks have been completed.

War mode lastly comes to the match as well. This arcade mode provides quick-run gaming in which the only goal is to kill. Once the players are eliminated, they can parachute back into the map. The addition of a rocket-powered grenade launcher (RPG-7) makes it more interesting. The mode will be an excellent choice for users who only want to play comfortably in classical mode instead of grinding.

There are also some weapons and a car from the other versions of PUBG. The Bizon PP-19, QBZ and QBU pistols are included. The four-wheeled UAZ car is also on the line.

PUBG Mobile Lite is a lightweight variant of PUBG Mobile, optimized for use with low-specification phones. Currently it is only published in South Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe for Android and has more than 50 million play store purchases.