London Spitfire add Susie as their General Manager

London Spitfire has announced the addition of Susie Kim as their General Manager. The talent has been a part of several esports titles such as Starcraft and LoL prior to this stint in the Overwatch League. She has worked in multiple roles including that of a translator for several teams. Her rapport with the teams has been well documented.

“After many years of having been part of the esports community in various capacities, I am super excited to be the new GM for the London Spitfire! Given my esports background and love for the players, Spitfire is a great fit for me. Also, I have fond memories of living and studying in London having completed my Masters degree at King’s College. Representing such a great city in the Overwatch League makes it personally meaningful.

I feel that the organisation shares many of my ideals in developing teams and players, and I am excited to see how we can grow their newest brand together.”

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