LCS Game Changers Launched by Riot Gamers to Recruit More Women

The game-playing world is very competitive and is looking for ways to recruit more women gamers into the family of game developers. This kind of initiative from gamers would mean a lot to the growing industry that would be increased if more women would get into the business.

The gaming industry will change forever as Riot Games have launched a new program called LCS Game Changers. This program is meant to mentor and train young girls to reach the pinnacle of their esports career through the League of legends Ecosystem.

It will be a two-week secluded experience alongside various LCS staff and Coaches who will guide ten super lucky women to make a career in Esports and learn all the tricks and turns of the trade. The workshop will be run from September 27th to October 8th.

To qualify for the event, women must be 13 or above and be US or Canadian residents. She must attend all the 2 weeks of the event, and uploading the gaming footage is necessary.

To protect the participant, no game-changer events will be broadcasted by the Riot. The idea behind this event of Riot is to encourage the participation of more women gamers. This is actually an event that focuses on supporting females. These women are high ELO league of legends players and are processing them to transit them into the professional and amateur leagues. This program, through complex, shall shape these young women to be professionally ready for the esports arena.

Besides the mentoring and training, numerous guest speaker persons will also address these women to shed light on topics such as ‘Mental Resilience” and “Life of a Pro.”

The training program will categorize the women into 2 teams over their two-week course; the participants have to compete in daily skirmishes similar to professional team members. In the aftermath of the program, the competition among the teams occurs in a best of five matches. The coaches and mentors positioned to guide the team will review each member, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and recommend individual women to strengthen their weaknesses in an ultimate roadmap to a professional gamer.