Is Cloud 9 getting into the CDL?

The Call of Duty League has only recently finished, but several rumors are swirling about the teams. Will Cloud 9 make the CDL leap?

Cloud 9 has been a dominant force in the Call of Duty World League. They have claimed victory over 100 times and managed to maintain their number one rank for most of the season before they finally fell back to second place after OpTic Gaming took first at the recent Call of Duty Championship. They have not been able to maintain this same level of success in the Call of Duty League. Cloud 9 has managed to place second place in the EU and NA divisions.

There have been many rumors surrounding the possibility of Cloud 9 making a comeback to the Call of Duty League. Richard Lewis seems to be one of the most excited members about this possibility. Lewis is a very credible source for rumors on Twitter, so if he says that Cloud 9 has entered talks for sponsorship, I would not disagree with his sources. Lewis also adds that this would be a premature move on Cloud 9’s part to enter the Call of Duty League, but it seems like they believe they can do something that hasn’t been done before.

The Call of Duty League is a competition that is similar to the LCS. It has more economic clout and has more games to determine who is actually number one. This may be something that Cloud 9 is interested in, but it seems like the competitive scene in NA and EU wouldn’t be as similar as the LCS. I think if Cloud 9 enters, it will have to compete with a number of teams for sponsorship slots.

If Cloud 9 does have interest, I would expect them to try and get their old sponsors back by producing some new content. They had success previously because of their dedication towards representing EnVyUs in a positive way, just like the rest of the team members did.