Indianapolis Colts and Esports Entertainment Group have teamed up

Esports Entertainment Group, a NASDAQ-listed gambling company, has announced a collaboration with the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League. The American football team’s iconic winged horseshoe, the Colts’ logo, will be featured prominently on EEG ́s Betting Sides mobile app.

In a press release, EEG said that its Betting Sides app will provide Colts-related content such as schedules and injury updates. “The collaboration is an important step for us in connecting with NFL fans in their home markets and beyond,” said Brian Berry, CEO of Esports Entertainment Group. “We also see this partnership as a great way to associate ourselves with an organization that has been widely admired by Americans for generations.”

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The Colts, which are celebrating their 50th anniversary as a franchise this season, have been members of the National Football League since their inaugural season in 1953. The team’s star quarterback Andrew Luck is widely regarded as one of the best players in the game. He has been named to the Pro Bowl four times since 2012 and led his team to an AFC Championship title in 2014.

Esports Entertainment Group, formerly known as BetOnSports, offers an array of skill-based mobile games such as Poker Sides and Slots Sides. The company’s primary product is its Sportsbook, which features over 200 betting options from over 40 different sportsbooks. The company was founded in October 1998 and is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Esports Entertainment Group has a wide footprint of social media accounts that are often used to engage with fans and members as well as promote new developments in the company’s business. The majority of the company’s social media accounts are run by its social media team. 

If you had taken a closer look at the statement from the CEO, Brian Berry, you would have seen he mentioned they see this partnership as a great way of associating themselves with an organization that has been widely admired by Americans for generations. But is this really a clever move to add more fans and followers to their social media pages? Or is it a move towards endorsing an American football team as we know it today?

Esports Entertainment Group has been starting to integrate itself into the mainstream sports world, with sponsorships more often than not associated with European soccer clubs rather than professional US football teams. This is where their Betting Sides app comes into play.